Marina Bay Sands Has Imposing Turquoise Dragons In Mall & Hotel For CNY 2024

Marina Bay Sands Dragons Are Suspended Over Atrium & Displayed In Hotel Lobby

As the Year Of The Dragon approaches, festive decorations featuring the mythical animal are being rolled out across Singapore.

While the designs of some dragons like the one in Chinatown have elicited less-than-favourable responses, other representations have emerged to be more impressive.

Take for example the imposing turquoise dragons gracing the Marina Bay Sands (MBS).

Source: @voyage_jasmine on Instagram

Dragon suspended above Marina Bay Sands atrium

Photos posted by awestruck social media users show a large dragon suspended over one of the mall’s atriums.

Source: @francinlee on Instagram

The decoration, which faces Marina Bay and is just above the Gucci store and canal, is of an impressive length, stretching across the cavernous atrium.

Source: @ck.sg_travel on Instagram

There’s also a Chinese arch behind it, which gives people the impression that the creature has just flown underneath.

Source: @ck.sg_travel on Instagram

Atrium dragon looks ‘fierce’ enough

Besides its size and length, the MBS dragon also appears stunning because of its colour. The deep shade of turquoise is one in which the creature isn’t usually depicted.

In addition, the sculpture’s dynamic facial features make it look ‘fierce’ enough, fitting for a creature representing imperial power.

Source: @s6984837yahoocom on Instagram

This is in contrast with dragons elsewhere that have been criticised for looking like some other animal or even a Japanese comedian.

Another dragon in hotel lobby

The atrium dragon isn’t the only one in MBS. As it turns out, there’s another one in the hotel lobby that’s similarly majestic, despite being smaller.

Here’s a close-up photo of the other dragon, courtesy of a visitor.

Source: @dexarrius on Instagram

This turquoise dragon, which is twisted in a loop, appears to be looking at the viewer with a slight smile.

One advantage this dragon has is that it’s possible to take a good selfie with it as it’s on ground level.

If angled correctly, people can take a photo with the dragon’s face looking directly into the camera.

Source: Damascus Mind on Facebook

Marina Bay Sands dragons get positive reviews online

MBS’ dragons have garnered positive responses, with netizens comparing them to the one in Chinatown.

Source: Facebook

For some, an appealing attribute of the dragons’ was their “character”.

Source: Facebook

One Facebook user pointed out how the dragon had a “budget” — perhaps subtly referencing how it was in the glitzy location of MBS.

Source: Facebook

Here’s where you can find the dragons:

Marina Bay Sands
Address: 1 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018971
Nearest MRT station: Bayfront

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Featured image adapted from @voyage_jasmine on Instagram and @dexarrius on Instagram.

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