S’poreans Brave Queues To Dabao McDonald’s Breakfast From 7am On Opening Day

McDonald’s Drive-Thru Draws Lines Of Cars On 1st Day Of Reopening

When McDonald’s announced that it wouldn’t reopen on 5 May, many were crushed.

We barely survived a month without McDonald’s, and it would bring us great pains to go another month without everyone’s favourite fast food chain.

Thankfully, they announced their reopening on 11 May, prompting many to celebrate by rushing down to their nearest McDonald’s Drive-Thru to grab some breakfast — like hotcakes & iced milo which are classics.


Long lines spotted at McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Seeing as they’d be dealing with an influx of orders once they reopened, many opted to pick their orders up by themselves.

A netizen shared their trip to the SAFRA Toa Payoh outlet, showing a peek of the snaking line of cars in the driveway.


He seemed to have arrived early, but was still the 4th in line.


There’s more where that came from — the situation was much worse in the afternoon at the TradeHub outlet.


Just imagine what the queues may look like during evening peak hours.

Singaporeans happy to be reunited with their beloved fastfood

Other Singaporeans took to Instagram to share pictures of their McDonald’s loot from their successful deliveries, or Drive-Thru runs.


Those fluffy McMuffins and flawless Filet O’Fish Burger look absolutely amazing — well worth the wait to dabao. 


Good things come to those who wait

If you’re drooling and masking up to grab McDonald’s as you read this, here’s your reminder that you don’t need to rush out immediately.

McDonald’s will always be there for you, even if you have to wait for it a little.

After all, if you love something, absence may make the heart grow fonder.

Slowly resuming normalcy

It looks like things are slowly, but surely, returning to normal with McDonald’s reopening.

With just a few more weeks of ‘Circuit Breaker’ left, everyone’s itching to go out and about as per usual, but we have to remember that dabao-ing and deliveries might be the new normal.

Life will go on, undoubtedly with a few changes, but we’ll be able to overcome them and this pandemic.

Featured image adapted from Instagram and Facebook.

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