McDonald’s M’sia Now Has Twister Fries & Fish Prosperity Burger To Make Your CNY A Lil’ Better

McDonald’s Malaysia Rolls Out New Fish Prosperity Burger

If there’s something we miss from the McDonald’s menu, it would be their prosperity burgers.

Though it can be quite a mess to eat, the patty, sauce and bun make an irresistible combo.

And if you’ve been a fan of the McDonald’s Prosperity Burger, then you would know that these festive burgers used to come with chicken and beef patties.

Well, this year, McDonald’s Malaysia rolled out a new Prosperity Burger with fish patty.


Fish, beef & chicken prosperity burger

For a limited time only, McDonald’s Malaysia will be selling a series of prosperity burgers in commemoration of Chinese New Year.

Apart from the usual beef and chicken burgers, their new crispy Fish Prosperity Burger will be up on the menu too.


Each burger has a patty generously coated with thick layers of black pepper sauce and onion slices, giving you that spicy kick.

Making things better, McDonald’s Malaysia also brought back our all time favourite — Twister Fries.

Twister Fries & Prosperity McFizz

Apart from the new Prosperity Burger, McDonald’s Malaysia also brought back Twister Fries and the Prosperity McFizz.

By now, we believe there’s no longer a need to further explain what twister fries are.


But for the Prosperity McFizz, it’s basically a flavoured soda drink from McCafé. Judging from the pictures, it looks like this year’s is pineapple-flavoured.


With the Prosperity Burger, Twister Fries and Prosperity McFizz, we’re sure this epic combination is all you need for a hearty CNY meal.

Get your hands on them

So if you’re planning a weekend getaway to Malaysia this month, be sure to hop into a McDonald’s outlet to get your hands on these new items.

Or if you know someone who’s obsessed with the McDonald’s Prosperity Burger, share this piece of good news with them.

Will you be willing to travel to Malaysia for these food? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature images adapted from Spot and KL Foodie

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