McDonald’s S’pore Has 1-For-1 Filet-O-Fish & Large Fries Till 31 Dec For Year End Snacking Purposes

McDonald’s S’pore Has 1-For-1 Filet-O-Fish & Large Fries Till EOY

McDonald’s has always been comfort food for many of us. Whether we’re on a budget or just craving some fast food, McDonald’s would be top of mind.

Well, if you’re a McDonald’s lover like us, then it’s probably time to download the McDonald’s app.

Because from now to Tuesday (31 Dec), you’ll get to redeem 1-for-1 Filet-O-Fish and Large fries straight from the app.


1-for-1 Filet-O-Fish

Upon logging in to the app, you should be greeted with a series of available promotions, with the 1-for-1 Filet-O-Fish deal at the top of the list.


Normally, a single Filet-O-Fish burger costs around $2.50. With this deal, each burger will cost $1.25, or about the price of a teh peng.

1-for-1 large fries

Further down the app, you’ll also see a 1-for-1 large fries promotion available.

Image courtesy of MS News reader

Crispy on the outside, warm and soft on the inside, these are perhaps the best fries in Singapore — provided you finish them in-store.

However, good doesn’t come cheap and a packet of large fries will set you back by $4.

But with this 1-for-1 deal, each packet of fries costs only $2.

Available from 12pm-4pm daily

Both the Filet-O-Fish and large fries deals are only available from 12pm-4pm.

Also, you can only redeem these deals through the McDonald’s mobile app.

Feature images adapted from Pinterest and SoraNews24.

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