McDonald’s UK Will Launch McSpicy Burger On 14 Jul As A Limited-Edition Item

McDonald’s UK’s McSpicy Comes With Free Milk Via App Orders

When Singaporeans are overseas, we usually miss the food back home, as even the fast food in other countries isn’t the same.

While McDonald’s is an international brand, those who’ve tried to order a McSpicy abroad will realise to their horror that there’s no such thing.

However, some of our local fast-food “delicacies” are slowly creeping into other countries for the deprived souls there.

For example, Singaporeans’ favourite McSpicy will be coming to McDonald’s United Kingdom (UK) on Wednesday (14 Jul).


Sadly for them, it’ll be a limited-edition item only.

McSpicy debuts in UK till 24 Aug

The impending debut of McSpicy in the UK was announced by McDonald’s via Twitter on Friday (9 Jul).


The tweet welcomed patrons to put their “taste buds to the test” when the burger arrives in outlets on 14 Jul.

In fine print at the bottom of the image, there’s a line saying that the burger will be available till 24 Aug.

Thus, UK customers have just 6 weeks to enjoy the treat.

McSpicy to cost S$7.69, comes with milk via app

The McSpicy will cost S$7.69 (4.09 British pounds) by itself, and S$10.32 (5.49 pounds) as part of McSpicy meal with fries and a drink, according to The Sun.

If customers order it via their country’s version of the McDonald’s app, it’ll come with a small bottle of milk.


Why a bottle of milk?

The milk, which is usually included in their Happy Meal, is meant to help “cool down” your “burning tongue”, The Daily Mail wrote.

UK media calls it ‘spiciest burger yet’

According to The Sun and other media outlets in the UK, the McSpicy will be McDonald’s “spiciest burger yet”.

To promote it, they even held a poll of 5,000 fans to find out which cities in the UK are the best and worst in handling the heat.

Apparently, those living in Wolverhampton were best, so its outlets were lit up in green – it’s uncertain why they chose that colour.

Norwich’s branches were lit up in red, as the city’s residents were the least likely to be able to tahan spicy food.


We guess that means Singapore should be lit up in green?

Glad that UK finally gets it

McDonald’s UK is unfortunately rather late to the game. McDonald’s Australia launched the McSpicy in Oct 2020, and as a permanent item to boot.

In Singapore, we’ve been enjoying the burger for years – and our love affair with it shows no sign of ending.

We’re glad that our UK friends – as well as Singaporeans in the country – can finally get their hands on a McSpicy, even though it’s for just 6 weeks.

Who knows, if England win Euro 2020, they might celebrate by making it a permanent item? That’s if the Brits can handle the heat.

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