Doge Fast Food Toys Are All The Sugar You Need For The Day

It’s almost impossible to not like doges. These cute fluffy dogs are a welcome addition to any home and will charm the socks off anyone, especially on the internet.

Put warm fluffy doges with a bag of McDonald’s fries and what do you get? Maximum comfy.

There’s a series of figures featuring these adorable doge companions with your McDonald’s burgers, fries, and drinks.


This is definitely not an official collab — as you can see, the McDonald’s logo is inverted into a W.

Regardless, doge lovers should have a field day with these designs.

Doge fast food toys come in 3 designs

If you’ve been on the internet for longer than 5 minutes, you’d know that doges are all the rage.

We expect that trend to continue for a long time if toys this cute exist.

Just imagine your doge hiding in a brown McDonald’s paper bag, looking like the bag can barely hold it ’cause it’s a heckin’ chonk.


Or how about Red Riding Hood Chonk while balancing a packet of fries on its head.


We all know that Coke is chock-full of sugar and that a cup every now and then is alright. But a doge together with coke is weaponised diabetes.


Doge fast food toys will have you remembering childhood

Whether you remember the days of chowing down on your Happy Meal or still partake in a McSpicy every few days, we’re sure this series will appeal to dog and McD fans alike.

If you’re in Singapore, you can preorder these fast food doge toys from Avolounge here, at $55.

You have until 24 Jun to preorder.

Where there’s a doge, there’s a way… or at least, that’s how we think the saying goes.

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Featured image adapted from Hobby Fan Club.