Taiwan Café Has Shiba Inu Toast That Looks Like A Playful Dog Staring Out The Window

Taiwan Shiba Inu Café Has Adorable Marshmallow Doggo Popping Out Of Toast

There’s no better way to start your day off than with a hearty meal. But it’s always a bonus if that meal happens to be unbelievably cute.

MrRdrinks, a café in Taipei, serves up the ultimutt adorable meal — Shiba Inu toast.


With a little hole cut out of the toast and an edible Shiba Inu squeezing through, it almost looks like a real doggo peeping through a window.


If they look so cute you almost want to bite them, you 100% can with these toasts!

Café has Shiba Inu toast in chocolate and peanut butter flavour

Café fads may come and go but only those that look and taste good can stand the test of time.

Well, this Shiba Inu café certainly looks like they tick both boxes.

With a little doggo peeping out of the toast, it is sure to add an aww or two to every Instagram feed.


The toasts are available in peanut butter and chocolate flavour, so you can choose whether to have your doggo sweet and savoury.

The incredibly adorable Shiba Inu peeping through the ‘window’ is actually made of marshmallow, adding another dimension to the toast’s flavour and texture.

Variety of doggo toast designs to choose from

Not only that, you can even choose what breed of doggo you would like greeting you on your toast.

If you are a pug lover, you can pug-get about trying to resist this marshmallow pug with its signature tongue-hanging-out-of-mouth look.


They also have a husky design. Just look at that incredibly intense look it’s throwing you, it dares you not to choose him.

Café Shiba Inu ToastSource

For Halloween this month, the café even has a special addition to the doggy toast family — a creepy black cat.

Café Shiba Inu Toast Source

Well, with those big yellow eyes, you know it’s not kitten around.

Each toast will set you back ~S$7.92 (NTD 168), but that’s probably a small price to pay for your daily dose of cuteness.

Impressive line-up of drinks

If toasts are not your thing, the café also has an incredible line-up of drinks, that are, of course, also topped with similarly adorable marshmallow doggos.

Café Shiba Inu ToastSource

If all that isn’t enough to drown you in cuteness, we don’t know what will.

Café Shiba Inu ToastSource

In fact, their drinks are so popular that each customer is only allowed to purchase 1 at a time.

Café Shiba Inu ToastSource

So, if you ever find yourself in Taipei looking for a dose of adorableness, why not give the MrRdrinks a visit? Here are the deets on the café:

MrRdrinks 雨田先生手沖飲品吧
Address: No. 69, Lane 223, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
Opening hours:
Tues-Sat: 12-9pm
Sun-Mon: 12-7pm
Nearest train station:
Zhongxiao Dunhua or Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

Add MrRdrinks Café to your Taiwan list

These designs are so adorable, just looking at it makes us feel warm and toasty inside.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has made travelling an impossible dream for most of us, it’s never too early to start planning your next overseas trip.

So if you love cafés and doggos, remember to add this to your list of food places in Taiwan!

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Featured image adapted from Instagram.

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