Q&M Dental Donates 200K Masks To Migrant Workers

Migrant workers are the invisible heroes who’ve helped build our nation. For all the hard work they’ve put in, giving back to them through acts of kindness like providing free face masks is the least we can do.

Due to the pandemic and the nature of their jobs, keeping a mask on at all times is absolutely imperative.

Perhaps aware of this, local dental group Q&M Dental has decided to generously donate 100 cartons or 200,000 masks to migrant workers in Singapore.


With a ready supply of masks, they won’t have to take money out of their savings just to buy some for themselves.

Q&M Dental Group donates masks to migrant workers

On 1 Jun, volunteer group ItsRainingRaincoats shared a Facebook post about the generous donation from Q&M Dental Group.


They stated in the post that while many of us who work or study from home can do without a mask, migrant workers who toil for hours under the sun don’t have such a privilege.

Despite the laborious nature of their occupation, they still have to keep their masks on for safety.


Dealing with challenging physical conditions isn’t the only struggle they have to endure.

Constant need to replenish mask supply on small income

Since the workers don’t earn much, spending on a face mask whenever the need arises can be costly. ItsRainingRaincoats noted an example of the $18 daily wage which many workers earn, and have to use wisely for other necessities.

Moreover, the rough conditions of their jobs often leave their masks damaged, soiled, or over-used before they can afford a replacement.

Having a ready supply will thus ease their burdens greatly.


That is why the donation from Q&M Dental, though small to some, can be a lifesaver for many workers who may be struggling.

Netizens offer to chip in & help

Though the 200,000 free masks seemed sufficient at first, the Facebook post has attracted the interest of other keen donors.

As the post went ‘live’, comments poured in, with many offering to donate in any way they could.


Some even commented that they were surprised the employers hadn’t provided masks to their workers.

Hoping to dispel such assumptions, ItsRainingRaincoats tried to explain that the employer may be cost-conscious as many of us are right now.


Rather, they asked that netizens consider the fact that the workers “don’t have the luxury of an unending supply”.

Their safety is our safety

Everyone has a part to play in the pandemic and that includes offering your help to those who need it.

Even though this act may seem small, we’re sure that the migrant workers welcomed this precious gift with open arms.

If you’re keen on donating to the cause, you can do so by visiting Contribute SG or through grassroots efforts such as the one run by ItsRainingRaincoats.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.