Milo Costs $0.42/Packet Till 21 Jan At All S’pore Supermarkets So You Can “Kick Ball” This CNY

Milo Packets Now Cost $20.20 For 2 Cartons, Almost 50% Off Original Price

Milo is a drink loved by many Singaporeans. We love it hot, we love it cold. It’s almost as if there’s never a day a nice packet of Milo can’t fix.

The down side is, these drinks tend to get pretty pricey on most days — averaging at $1.30/pack.

MILO at a local 7-Eleven store
Image courtesy of MS News reader

And if you find yourself constantly splurging on your favourite malt drink, then now’s probably the time for you to stock up on them for cheap.

MILO Singapore just announced on Facebook that they will be holding a 2-day Chinese New Year $20.20 promotion starting today (20 Jan).


This promotion includes 2 cartons of MILO for just $20.20. How insane is that?

Only $0.42/packet of MILO

Each carton contains 24 packets of MILO, so if you do the math, getting 2 cartons – that’s 48 packets – for $20.20 means that each packet costs just $0.42.

That’s a whopping $0.88 off its original price. Huat ah.

Customers can choose to purchase either 2 x 200ml cartons or 1 x MILO Lion Pack, which also contains 2 x 200ml cartons but with fancy festive packaging.


If you get the Lion Pack, you’ll have a lion head costume for the young ones to play with.


Milo cartons available at 18 supermarkets from 20-21 Jan

Customers who wish to purchase these Milo cartons can visit any of these stores:

  • Caltex
  • Cold Storage
  • FairPrice, Fairprice Finest, FairPrice Xtra, FairPrice Xpress
  • Giant
  • Good Price Centre
  • HAO Mart
  • Eccellente by HAO Mart
  • Amazon Prime Now
  • Prime Supermarket
  • RedMart
  • Sheng Siong
  • Umart
  • U Stars Supermarket
  • Warehouse Club
  • 99 Speedmart

Do note that each customer is entitled to purchase a maximum of 8 cartons of 200ml Milo cartons or 4 Milo Lion Packs.

This promotion is held only for 2 days — today (20 Jan) and tomorrow (21 Jan).

For more information about this sale, you can visit MILO Singapore’s Facebook post here.

Know someone who loves Milo like you do? Tag them in the comments below so you guys can chiong for the sale together!

Featured image adapted from Carousell and ODM Group.

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