Huge Monitor Lizard Waits Outside Bedok Flat, Looks Like Guest That Came Late For Hari Raya

Monitor Lizard Rests At Bedok HDB Flat Doorstep, Seems Unbothered Despite Attention

Singapore is often known as the ‘garden city’, thanks to our lush greenery and vibrant biodiversity.

Occasionally, wild animals may make special appearances in urban spaces, though rarely in residential areas. So when a chonky monitor lizard showed up outside an HDB flat in Bedok, one can imagine people’s horror.

Earlier today (24 May), a Facebook user shared a video of the creature casually standing at the unit’s doorstep, as though waiting to be let in.

It looked right in its element, calmly staying in the same spot despite the human presence nearby.

Monitor lizard chills outside Bedok HDB flat

On Wednesday (24 May), footage of a huge monitor lizard at the doorstep of an HDB flat started circulating online and on messaging platforms.

A passing resident apparently took photos and shared them with Channel NewsAsia (CNA). A video of the creature also made it to public figure Bob Senget’s Facebook page.

Citing a resident’s account, CNA reported that the monitor lizard appeared outside a second-floor unit at Blk 428 Bedok North Road.

Source: Bob Senget Show Production on Facebook

It then climbed the stairs fairly quickly to the third floor. At about noon today, the resident who photographed the animal reportedly called NParks, expressing concern that the creature might be dangerous. He also estimated that the creature could be about 1.5-metre long.

Footage, however, showed it standing calmly outside the residences, much like a late guest who just arrived for Hari Raya visiting.

Sadly for the reptile, it had no chance of paying anyone a visit in their homes as the gates and doors appeared shut.

What happened to the monitor lizard thereafter is unclear, but we hope it found its way back to the wilderness.

According to NParks, monitor lizards’ venom has a relatively mild effect on humans. Therefore, the creature posed no immediate threat to residents.

Nevertheless, NParks advises anyone who encounters the creature to keep a safe distance and leave it alone.

They’re apparently shy too, and would “rather stay away from humans”. They also do not attacked unless provoked.

An unexpected visitor

The appearance of such a huge monitor lizard in an urban setting, especially a residential one, is definitely surprising.

While the unfamiliar sight may spark some concerns, it can also serve as a stark reminder of the vibrant ecosystem we have in Singapore.

That being said, if you spot any uninvited wildlife guests in or around your neighbourhood, please contact the relevant authorities to safely deal with them.

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Featured image adapted from Bob Senget Show Production on Facebook and Google Maps.

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