Moon, Jupiter & Venus Appear Perfectly Aligned In S’pore Sky, A Celestial ‘Join-The-Dot’ Exercise

Crescent Moon, Jupiter, And Venus Appear Perfectly Aligned In Singapore Night Sky

As the Sun set on Thursday (23 Feb), residents in Singapore were treated to a rare celestial event in the night skies.

The moon, Jupiter, and Venus — represented by bright ‘dots’ in the sky — appeared perfectly aligned along a straight line.

Source: June Tan on Facebook

Residents lucky enough to witness the phenomenon took to Facebook to share photos of the celestial ‘join-the-dot’ exercise, reportedly visible from about sunset to 9pm.

Moon, Jupiter & Venus resemble perfectly-aligned ‘dots’ in night sky

On Thursday (23 Feb) night, netizens shared photos of the celestial phenomenon on Facebook.

Source: Singapore Sidewalk Astronomy on Facebook

In the pictures, three illuminated ‘dots’ appeared aligned along a straight line, as if carefully drawn with a set square and ruler.

Though the dots appeared just like any other stars in the night sky, they were in fact the moon, Jupiter and Venus — in descending order from the top.

Source: Shubham Vohra on Facebook

The moon appeared the largest and brightest of the three ‘dots’ — presumably due to its close proximity to Earth — followed by Venus and Jupiter.

Phenomenon seen across Singapore

The phenomenon was apparently visible across Singapore. Here’s how it looked from the eastern estate of Tampines.

Source: Andrew Teo on Facebook

The Jupiter and Venus conjunction was similarly seen near MacRitchie Reservoir at the other end of the island.

Source: Shweta Sathia on Facebook

Meanwhile, the sighting served as a fitting backdrop to the lighted Supertrees over at Gardens by the Bay

Source: Chuan Shin Tan on Facebook

This netizen who happened to be at Singapore Botanic Gardens last night managed to snap a picture worthy of being the cover of an astrological book.

Source: KS Ng on Facebook

Moon was 1 degree apart from Jupiter

According to NASA, the crescent moon was just a degree wide of Jupiter in the western sky on 23 Feb, with Venus “hanging beneath them”.

Source: NASA

Stargazers can also look forward to another interesting celestial phenomenon next Monday (27 Feb) when the moon and Mars similarly sit less than a degree apart.

A breathtaking sight

Celestial phenomenons like these never fail to take our breaths away.

Did you manage to catch a glimpse of the Jupiter-Venus conjunction last night? Share pictures of your sightings in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from Singapore Sidewalk Astronomy on Facebook and Chuan Shin Tan on Facebook

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