Hikers Spot Mousedeer At Chestnut Nature Park, It Looks Like A Real-Life Bambi

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Hikers Encounter Mousedeer At Chestnut Nature Park On 23 Feb

Singapore’s nature parks are home to countless wildlife animals, including endangered species like the mousedeer.

Last week, a pair of hikers, Salina Lai and Jade Neo, spotted the rare animal at Chestnut Nature Park and snapped some adorable portraits of it.

mousedeer chestnut nature parkImage courtesy of Salina Lai

The pair shared the pictures in the Nature Society (Singapore) Facebook group, where many netizens fawned over the smol Bambi.

Mousedeer poses for photos at Chestnut Nature Park

On Wednesday (23 Feb), hikers Salina Lai and Jade Neo shared their encounter with a lesser mousedeer on Facebook.

The pair were hiking at Singapore’s largest nature park, Chestnut Nature Park, when they chanced upon the small mousedeer.

Typically shy by nature, it seems the hoofed creature was feeling bold that particular day, striking a pose while looking straight into the camera.

Known for its mixed rodent-like face, rabbit-sized body, and thin legs, the mammal was also spotted munching on some food.

mousedeer chestnut nature parkImage courtesy of Salina Lai

The hikers continued to admire the mousedeer from afar as it calmly enjoyed its snack time.

mousedeer chestnut nature parkImage courtesy of Jade Neo

Salina added that it looked like a “super cute Bambi”.

Netizens gush at adorable creature’s rare appearance

Seeing the rare mousedeer, animal lovers gushed over the tiny-hoofed animal, thanking the hikers for the photos of the adorable mousedeer.

Some commented that the hikers were very fortunate to have taken pictures of the small animal without it shying away from the camera.

mousedeer chestnut parkSource

Another netizen shared that although he got to see the mousedeer a few times, he wasn’t fast enough to capture the creature’s beauty on camera.


Others shared that they wish they could see the smol mousedeer for themselves one day.


Critically endangered in Singapore

Although native to Singapore, lesser mousedeers are critically endangered here.

According to Mandai Wildlife Reserve, this is primarily due to habitat destruction and poaching.

The rare species are now restricted to the Central Nature Reserves in Singapore, so you might encounter them while on a hike.

Over the years, there have been several sightings of the creature over at Chestnut Nature Park.

S’pore Hiker Spots Tiny Mousedeer At Chestnut Nature Park, Netizens Gush At Smol Creature

Admire them from afar if you encounter them

We’re certainly glad we got to enjoy these adorable pictures of the rare mousedeer, thanks to the hikers.

After all, it’s not every day that these creatures make an appearance.

If you are lucky enough to encounter the mousedeer one day, do be respectful of their space and admire them from afar.

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Featured image courtesy of Salina Lai.

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