Seletar Mall Moviegoer Punches Man & His Wife After They Tell Him To Stop Shaking His Leg

Going to the movies is usually an enjoyable experience. However, the fun is sometimes dampened by other moviegoers that do inconsiderate things like propping their feet on a seat.


One couple, who went to catch a movie in Seletar Mall last August were irked by a man shaking his leg causing their seats to move as a result.


The annoyed husband told the leg-shaker to halt the quake but got himself and his wife punched after an unfortunate series of events.

When the man tried to stop the moviegoer, he got punched by him.

The attacker, 23-year-old Clifton Wong Jun Han, was sentenced to a day’s jail and was fined $3,000 on Tuesday (3 Dec), reports Channel NewsAsia.

Shaking leg disturbed couple watching movie at Seletar Mal

On 1 Aug 2018, Wong and his wife visited Shaw Theatres at Seletar Mall in the evening for a movie. They sat next to the victim who was also with his wife.

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During the movie, Wong started shaking his leg. This reportedly disrupted the victim and his wife’s experience because their seats were moving.

Annoyed, the victim told Wong to stop shaking his leg.

Punched victim after the movie ended at Seletar Mall

After the movie ended, Wong stood up to leave but accidentally tripped and stepped on the victim’s foot.

The victim did not react. Nonetheless, Wong started to swear at the victim, who continued to ignore him.

Wong went up to the victim and started to punch his face. The victim tried to block his punches while his wife tried to stop Wong.

But this did not deter Wong one bit, who proceeded to punch the victim’s wife on the arm.

Eventually, Wong was stopped by his wife and other moviegoers.

The security guards arrived shortly after and intervened.

The couple was sent to Sengkang General Hospital

Police said that a person had lodged a police report, saying that,

One guy about 30s beat up the auntie and uncle. Quite bad. Both auntie and uncle are injured. You all have to come down.

The victim and his wife were sent to Sengkang General Hospital for treatment.


The victim reportedly suffered bruises on his head and eye while his wife had a bruise on her forearm.

Wong was under “considerable stress”

According to Channel NewsAsia, the attack came as a result of the “considerable stress” he was under. His wife, who was 3 months pregnant, had “bouts of heavy bleeding”.

Wong was also apparently trying to quit smoking at that point and was suffering from “withdrawal symptoms”.

Wong’s lawyer also said that his client’s actions were “out of character” and did not know why he acted that way:

For some reason he himself is unable to explain, he just snapped.

Wong later offered to compensate the victims after the attack.

Pleaded for fine

Considering the above factors plus the fact that the victims were not seriously injured, Wong’s lawyer asked that Wong only pay the maximum fine.

However, the district judge felt that Wong’s actions warranted a short jail term.

Hence, Wong was sentenced to a day in jail and was fined $3,000.

For the charge of voluntarily causing hurt, Wong initially faced a jail term of up to 2 years, a $5,000 fine or both.

Violence isn’t the answer

This story shows that violence isn’t the answer to any issue, even if you feel like you’re not in the wrong.

Whenever you feel like your emotions are getting the better of you, take some deep breaths, and if needed, walk away from the what’s affecting you.

We hope Wong learns from this incident and will not make the same mistake again.

Featured image adapted from Shaw Theatres.