Architect’s Minimalist MRT Map Is So Easy To Follow It Should Be Made Official

Minimalist MRT Map For Singapore Comes With A Mobile App

We have seen a fair share of civilian attempts to improve the aesthetics of our MRT map in Singapore.

From this geographically accurate version that revealed our Circle Line’s true nature — resembling an actual circle.


To a sleeker rendition – also boasting a central Circle Line motif – that focused on functionality.


Now, some design experts have thrown down the gauntlet with their attempt that frankly blew our socks off.

Fully interactive MRT map with Sentosa railway in pink

Feast your eyes on this minimalist MRT map by a mapping and wayfinding consultancy named INAT.


The map is hosted on their website, and is fully interactive so you can zoom in to your home MRT station, to see the designs in glorious 1080HD detail.


Some believe that simplicity is key, and we love the white backdrop that condenses the design into a rough diamond shape.

Balances geographical accuracy & space constraints

The map tries to balance geographical accuracy and space constraints, and we think the result is phenomenal.

Although the Circle Line isn’t a true circle, it is space-efficient way to allow commuters to realistically estimate how long the journey will take.


Now it’s also easy to tell from a glance at the map, why a journey on the Red Line will often take longer than a ride on the Green Line — once the distance between stations are accounted for.


Look out for easter eggs on the MRT map like Sentosa’s railway in pink, and all 3 LRT systems in Choa Chu Kang, Sengkang and Punggol denoted in grey.


There’s even the Woodlands Train Checkpoint which connects commuters to Malaysia, at the far North of the map.

46 redesigned train maps on mobile app

If you’re absolutely convinced that this is the MRT Map you’d prefer to live with from now on, you can actually download their app on Apple iTunes or Google Play Store.


App Name: INAT
Download: Apple iTunes or Google Play Store

The app comes pre-loaded with 46 metro maps from around the world, and is free for download.

Seoul Train Map Redesign

No more getting lost in the maze of subways that is Japan’s intricate rail system, we hope.

In the mean time, let’s thank this amazing architect named Jug Cerovic for including Singapore’s MRT map in his cool mobile application.

Now, how do we encourage the Land Transport Authority to seriously consider a design overhaul for our official version?

Featured image from INAT.FR.

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