Mum With Cancer Cooks Last Meal For Son Before Her Passing, He Finishes Everything In Gratitude

Mum Prepares Final Meal For Her Son Before Passing Away From Cancer

No loving parent wishes to see their child pass on before they do. Hence, they will do everything they can to ensure their child is well taken care of before leaving this world.

For a man from Dalian city in China, he had to witness his mum becoming more fragile as she battled cancer.

When she was already very frail from her chemotherapy treatment, she decided to cook him a last meal before she passed on.

The man, named Deng Caihou, posted a Douyin video of his mum preparing the meal in the kitchen, leaving netizens touched.

Mother in China cooks last meal for son before passing

His mum was diagnosed with cancer in February. And from then until October, when she passed away, she was undergoing treatment.

Mr Deng described his mother as strong, never once complaining during the treatment. In front of her son, she remained resilient.

A few days after her third round of chemotherapy, she asked what he would like to eat, and they went to the market to buy ingredients for a meal. This was even though she was already frail.

While she was preparing the meal in the kitchen, Mr Deng took the video of her with a shaved head and pyjamas while he was in the living room.

Source: Douyin

It was captioned, “Mum, rest in peace. There’s nothing I can’t overcome anymore.”

Watching her, he could not stifle his tears, he said.

He said that even though preparing the meal left her feeling weak, the food she made tasted the same as it always did.

Mr Deng said he finished the meal in its entirety — the last meal she ever made for him.

You never know when your loved ones may leave you. Even with preparation, it may never feel like enough, but Mr Deng’s mother managed to give her son a parting gift that will remain in his memory forever.

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Featured image adapted from Douyin.

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