Family Behind Myanmar Scam Syndicate Arrested, Ringleader Reportedly Takes Own Life

Leader Of Myanmar Scam Syndicate That Allegedly Targeted Chinese Citizens Takes Own Life

The authorities in Myanmar recently cracked down on one of the country’s telecom fraud syndicates which has been targeting citizens from China.

Earlier this week, they successfully arrested three family members of one of the four known linchpins. Burmese officials later handed the three individuals over to their Chinese counterparts.

The ringleader, however, reportedly shot himself “for fear of punishment” and later succumbed to his injuries.

Leader of Myanmar scam syndicate shoots himself during police crackdown

Golden Phoenix Journal, a Chinese news site based in Myanmar, reported that the Burmese police carried out the operation on Wednesday (15 Nov) night.

This came just days after Chinese authorities issued warrants for four known ringleaders of telecom fraud syndicates in Myanmar.

Police from Wenzhou city reportedly offered rewards of up to 500,000 yuan (S$93,208) for information that may help with their arrest.

Ming Xuechang was one of the four ringleaders that the Chinese authorities identified.

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However, the 69-year-old reportedly shot himself using his pistol while escaping from Burmese police.

He reportedly did this “for fear of punishment” and later succumbed to his wounds at the hospital, reported South China Morning Post (SCMP).

Burmese police successfully arrested three of Ming’s family members, namely his:

  • Son – Ming Guoping
  • Daughter – Ming Julan
  • Granddaughter – Ming Zhenzhen

Myanmar authorities handed the trio over to their Chinese counterparts on Thursday (16 Nov).

60 Chinese national reportedly killed or wounded in mass shooting

Chinese authorities have accused Ming’s syndicate — Crouching Tiger Villa — of carrying out telecom and online fraud targeting citizens in China.

Besides illegal proceeds, the Chinese police said that the syndicate was involved in violent crimes such as intentional homicide, intentional injury, and unlawful detention.

According to Thai news site The Irrawaddy, members of the syndicate gunned down captives last month as they were attempting to flee from one of their compounds.

60 Chinese nationals were reportedly killed or wounded in the shooting.

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