SEA Games Swim Team Demonstrate That Singaporeans Have Memorised The National Anthem

All those years of pretending to sing the National Anthem in school has paid off!

Remember those cool kids in school who refused to sing the National Anthem every morning at assembly?

We all wondered if their silent protests was due to the fact that they didn’t actually know the lyrics to Majulah Singapura by heart.

Yesterday (8 June), the crowd at the OCBC Aquatic Centre proved that deep down, all Singaporeans didn’t forget the lyrics.

Singaporeans were surprisingly undeterred when faced with a technical goof-up, while singing the National Anthem during the awards ceremony for the women’s 4×200 freestyle relay swimming event where Singapore’s swimmers won Gold.

The DJ didn’t quite “put it back on”, despite Tiffany’s best encouragements.


After a few seconds of silent confusion, the crowd roared on with Majulah Singapura as if the music was still blaring.

The girls were pleasantly surprised, even to the point of tears. Or at least Quah Ting Wen was tearing up.



giphy (4)


Perhaps you might want to rethink your stance on not singing the National Anthem during assembly, because singing the national anthem without music is the new “cool”.

Because deep down you know the lyrics by heart, so you don’t have to sing them out loud.

(GAWD that was so cheesy, Pizza Hut should use that line for the inevitable SG50 Pizza they’ll inevitably end up selling.)

For ‘Murrica Singapura!

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Featured image via Sport Singapore
With references from Vulcan Post

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