S’pore Navy Man Helps Ah Ma Who Fell Down, Shows ‘Water’ Good Samaritan He Is

Singapore Navy Man Helps Elderly Lady Who Fell Down At Kembangan MRT

As people grow older, moving around tends to get trickier for them. So when it comes to staircases, ascending or descending could be a struggle.

Such was presumably the case for an elderly lady, who fell down at a staircase at Kembangan MRT station on Tuesday (24 Sep), according to The Pride.


Upon realising that she had fallen, some commuters and MRT personnel rushed to help the helpless granny.


The first to rush towards the granny was Singapore Navy regular, ME3 Andy Lim, who was easily recognised by his striking grey Navy uniform.


He was then praised for his kind act of stepping forward to help the wounded ah ma. Here’s how the story unfolded.

Elderly lady fell at MRT station’s staircase

According to The Pride, reader Alexandra Chan shared that the granny seemed to have suffered bruises from her fall as she noticed several red marks on her head.

The granny apparently looked disoriented when she tried to walk after getting up.

The Navy regular holding onto the granny as she tries to walk.

Ms Chan also shared that when the granny fell down, ME3 Lim was the first one to rush forward to help.

At the same time, other commuters rushed to get the MRT security staff, who then mentioned that they actually recognised the granny.

She is said to be living across the street from the station. They have seen her around the station often.

After helping the granny up, the staff arranged for her to be brought home on a wheelchair.

Worried she was seriously hurt

After the entire ordeal, Ms Chan approached ME3 Lim to have a chat with him.

Upon commending him for his kind act, Lim simply replied that he was worried the granny might be seriously injured, so he decided to step up and help.

His reply inspired Ms Chan to share his story to The Pride. When doing so, she added that often times, soldiers get flamed for their mistakes but whenever they’ve done something good, their act “gets taken in quite a blasé way”.

Things are evidently different this time, as the Navy regular was recognised for his kind act and received praises from the Republic of Singapore Navy on Facebook.

Republic of Singapore Navy proud of ME3 Lim

A few hours ago, the Republic of Singapore Navy posted on Facebook a commendation for ME3 Lim’s kind act.


In the post, they described Lim as a “big man with an even bigger heart”.

They also expressed that they are proud of Lim for stepping up to render assistance immediately, and that he was the “true reflection of our Navy family spirit”.

We can be good Samaritans too

We are heartened to know that we live among Singaporeans who aren’t hesitant to help those in need.

Even though ME3 Lim was the ‘star of the show’, we should also give some credit to passers-by and MRT staff who stopped to help the granny too.

More importantly, we hope the granny is recovering well from her fall.

Feature image adapted from The Pride and Facebook.

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