NEA Advises S’poreans To Be Socially Responsible This Qing Ming Festival, Stay Home If Unwell

Members Of The Public Advised To Stay Home If They Feel Unwell During Qing Ming Festival

Even though the government seeks to limit large public gatherings during this Covid-19 crisis, it is understandable that not all activities can be postponed or cancelled. The upcoming Qing Ming Festival, also known as Tomb Sweeping Day, is one such event.

On this day, observers visit the tombs of their ancestors to clean the grave site and pay their respects.

Family paying their respects during Qing Ming Festival

The Qing Ming Festival takes place on 4 Apr this year, with peak periods expected to last from 21 Mar to 19 Apr.

NEA advises public to exercise “socially responsible” behaviour

To avoid exacerbating the coronavirus crisis, the National Environment Agency (NEA) has advised observers of the Qing Ming Festival to exercise “socially responsible” behaviour.

Large crowds are expected during the peak Qing Ming period

In a public advisory released earlier today, NEA has advised those who feel unwell to avoid visiting during the Qing Ming peak periods. Instead they should see a doctor and stay home to rest.

As large crowds are expected at Choa Chu Kang Cemetery and the government columbaria, members of the public are reminded to keep themselves and others around them safe by observing good hygiene habits.

Traffic arrangements to help ease congestion

To cope with expected congestion, NEA has advised the public to take public transport and avoid visiting in the mornings of the peak period.

Shuttle bus services between NEA’s Claims & Registration Office and Choa Chu Kang Columbarium will also be provided at a cost of $1 per trip.

Shuttle bus services to Choa Chu Kang Columbarium will be available for S$1 per trip

Another shuttle bus service will be provided between Khatib MRT Station and Mandai Columbarium at a price of S$1.40 per trip.

Shuttle bus services for both these locations will be available every 15 minutes from 7am-5pm on these dates:

  • 21, 22, 28 and 29 Mar
  • 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 18 and 19 Apr

Shuttle bus services to Mandai Columbarium will be available for S$1.40 per trip

There will also be designated drop-off/pick-up points set up at Mandai and Choa Chu Kang Cemetery for visitors who are travelling by taxi or private hire vehicles. You can refer to the maps below.

Location map of Choa Chu Kang Chinese Cemetery

Location map of Mandai Crematorium/Columbarium

If you are not feeling well, please seek the appropriate treatment and stay indoors. If everyone is mindful of their hygiene, we can get on with life as per normal without having to worry too much about the Covid-19 outbreak.

Feature image adapted from The Guardian.

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