S’pore-Born Man Designs Tiny House In New Zealand Resembling Zen Garden With Plants & Animals

S'pore-Born Man Designs Tiny House In New Zealand That Resembles Zen Garden With Plants & Animals

Singapore-Born Man In New Zealand Lives In Tiny Zen House With Huge Garden

Last month, it was revealed that Lazarus Island will soon have tiny houses available for short stays, allowing visitors to enjoy a tranquil getaway amidst nature.

However, one Singapore-born man has already been way ahead of the curve.

Recently, YouTube channel Living Big In A Tiny House featured Fabian Low’s small but stunning abode in Auckland, New Zealand.

The 33 ft by 10 ft (about 30.7 sqm) structure sits on a spacious plot of land with animals and gardens, where he and his partner grow their own food.

Tiny New Zealand house sits on huge plot of land

The home tour begins with a look at the exterior of the house, which was partially constructed with shipping containers.

Mr Low told host Bryce Langston that he was inspired by tiny house living from the sustainable aspect as well as the idea of owning his own place “in an environment where the real estate market is really quite inaccessible”.

At the time the video was filmed, he had been living there for slightly over a year.

He revealed that he spent NZ$222,000 (S$184,093) to build the house and the deck.

Source: Living Big In A Tiny House

Though the house itself is small, it sits on a sprawling slice of land with gardens and ample space to rear animals like chickens and goats.

Source: Living Big In A Tiny House on YouTube

It’s also where Mr Low practises tai chi while surrounded by gorgeous greenery.

Source: Living Big In A Tiny House on YouTube

Out on the deck is where he entertains guests and cooks for them in the mini kitchen he sets up in one corner.

new zealand tiny house

Source: Living Big In A Tiny House on YouTube

And much of the food actually comes from his own garden.

Source: Living Big In A Tiny House on YouTube

Interior of tiny house looks like garden

The greenery extends all the way inside.

As someone with a background in landscape architecture, Mr Low was — as the channel described — able to “masterfully [connect] the home to his abundant gardens”.

Upon stepping into the house, Mr Langston remarked that it was like “walking into a garden” thanks to the abundance of indoor plants.

On one end is a loft with a sliding window that Mr Low said “feels like a balcony”.

It’s currently filled with plants, but he shared that he’s trying to make more space there for sitting, reading, or meditating.

While technically a ‘tiny house’, it doesn’t look cramped at all because of the high ceilings — Mr Low emphasised the idea of having a lot of head space — and plenty of natural light.

Fully-equipped kitchen & convertible sofa

There’s also a full-fledged kitchen inside, complete with lots of prep and storage space, a large refrigerator, and even a four-burner gas hob.

All necessary for someone who loves to cook like Mr Low.

Next to the kitchen is the living room, which has a sofa that can be opened up into a bed…

… or even separated into two chaise lounge chairs.

Source: Living Big In A Tiny House on YouTube

In place of a television is a projector and projector screen so Mr Low and his partner can relax and have movie nights.

Source: Living Big In A Tiny House on YouTube

Small sleeping den tucked away upstairs

Behind a curtain beside the living room are the toilet, wardrobe, and a narrow staircase leading up to the den.

The den is basically a cosy space with a queen-size bed, shelves, an air conditioner for hot summers, and another projector.

Source: Living Big In A Tiny House on YouTube

While Mr Low acknowledged that not everyone would be comfortable with such a compact sleeping area, he said that it’s actually what he wants in a space.

Grew up in Singapore before moving to New Zealand

Mr Low’s official website states that he is “a Singapore-born East Asian” who is a practising mental health facilitator.

According to an interview he did with the New Zealand Herald in 2020, Mr Low grew up in Singapore but moved to Christchurch in his teens.

Both Mr Langston and netizens couldn’t help but gush over Mr Low’s place.

“We absolutely loved visiting this home,” Mr Langston wrote in a comment under the video. “Fabian has done such an incredible job in creating a space that works so well.”

Many users also called this one of their favourite tiny homes the channel has featured.

While not all of us may be able to live in a tiny house like this, perhaps we can still take some inspiration from how much care and thought Mr Low put into his home.

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Featured image adapted from Living Big In A Tiny House and Living Big In A Tiny House on YouTube.

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