NEX Food Republic Glass Door Shatters, Management Cordons Off Area

NEX Food Republic Glass Door Suddenly Shatters On 27 Feb

On Monday (27 Feb), a glass door at Food Republic in Serangoon mall NEX  shattered, leaving broken glass shards all over the ground.

The incident took place around 2.20pm and the area was later cordoned off.

Thankfully, Shin Min Daily News reported that there were no injuries from the glass breakage.

NEX glass door shatters with customers seated nearby

At about 2.20pm on Monday (27 Feb), the glass door at the side entrance of Food Republic suddenly burst.

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, Ms Tan, who was having afternoon tea with her friends at the food court at the time, said she was seated just two to three tables away from the glass door.

Without warning, they heard a loud ‘piang’ sound coming from the glass door.

Before they knew it, the glass door had cracked and glass shards were littered all over the floor.

At that time, there was one man seated at the table nearest to the glass door. But thankfully, the glass shards did not hit him.

Immediately after the incident, Food Republic’s management got a cleaner to help clear the glass on the floor.

As he was sweeping the glass shards up, strong gusts of wind could be seen blowing into the food court.

Area gets cordoned off

When MS News visited the site at 4pm, the area near the glass door had been cordoned off with barriers.

NEX glass door shatters

Signs were also placed near both the inside and outside of the entrance instructing visitors to use another entrance.

Remnants of the right sliding glass door were also still attached to the sliding mechanism. The left sliding glass door appeared to be intact.

NEX glass door shatters

While the broken glass pieces were mostly cleared up,  small glass shards could still be spotted on the ground.

Door already not in use prior to incident

A Food Republic cleaner shared with MS News that the glass door had been changed just a few years back and was still relatively new.

To her knowledge, a similar incident had taken place in the early years when NEX had first opened its doors to the public.

But while the mechanics of the glass door were slightly faulty, she had not noticed the door showing any signs of cracking prior to the incident.

She conjectured that this could be due to the strong winds that’d buffeted the area today.

Ms Tan also told Shin Min Daily News that even before this, there were signs urging customers not to use the entrance. The door was also cordoned off.

Management had cordoned off area the night before

The team at Food Republic NEX told MS News in a statement that they’d cordoned off the area near the affected door the night before, on 26 Feb.

They noticed the auto-sliding glass door was not functioning well.

“At 2.22pm today, the glass door shattered suddenly with no apparent reason and our team [took] immediate action to clear up all shattered glasses laying around to ensure the safety of our patrons,” they added.

No one was injured in the incident and the team is currently working with the mall management and contractor to replace the glass door.

“We take the matter seriously as the safety of our patrons is of utmost importance and our team will continue to be vigilant in ensuring immediate actions are taken during their routine inspections before and after store opening hours,” they said.

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Featured image by MS News.

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