Nicole Seah Gives Birth To Her 2nd Child, Says She’s ‘Closing Factory’ After This

WP Member Nicole Seah Gives Birth To Baby Girl, Says It’s The Last One

A few months ago, East Coast residents who normally see Ms Nicole Seah walking about the community discerned a noticeable baby bump.

Many deduced that she was pregnant, and they were right.

The Workers’ Party (WP) member has just given birth to her 2nd child.

After this, she also candidly said that she and her husband are “closing factory”.

It’s a girl

Ms Seah announced the good news in a Facebook post on Thursday (14 Apr), also revealing that the baby is a girl.

Like Ms Seah, the Apr baby’s name also starts with an “N”, and as her older child is also a girl, she now has a pair.

She’s now spending her time recovering from the birth and doing the usual chores of serving a newborn — night feeds and diaper changes.

So much so, that she’d forgotten that it was the eve of a public holiday and thought it was still Thursday.

Two is enough

In a thoughtful mood, Ms Seah said being a parent again allowed her and her husband to better appreciate every moment with their children.

That’s especially since this will be last time she’ll be giving birth, she said.

Yes, she sounded confident that she and her husband will be “closing factory” after this, and not having any more children.

Apparently, they won’t be following the Government’s exhortation to have more offspring.

Older daughter well suited to be sister

Ms Seah’s older daughter, who’s 4 this year, seems to be well-suited for her role as older sister, as she’s been “helpful and involved”.

She does this by reminding her mother to eat more vegetables and helping to burp the baby.

Ms Seah’s a devoted mother too — just 3 weeks ago, Ms Seah said on Facebook that mother and daughter were spending time together and cherishing the last few times she can give her first child her undivided attention.

Doing walkabouts while pregnant

Before giving birth, Ms Seah – who is a WP Central Executive Committee (CEC) member – continued doing walkabouts in East Coast while heavily pregnant.

According to a Facebook post in Mar, her last outreach was on 20 Mar, after which she went on maternity leave.

In one of her last public photos before giving birth, her tummy had swelled quite considerably.

Baby bump appeared in Nov

In fact, it was because of the baby bump that the news of Ms Seah’s pregnancy was leaked.

Netizens first speculated about it last Nov, when she posted photos of herself and other WP members delivering Diwali packs to families in East Coast.

Even without confirmation, they started congratulating her, to which she made an indirect admission by thanking them.


In Jan, another post about her outreach in Bedok turned into a congratulatory post, due to her bulge looking even bigger.

Of course, eagle-eyed netizens congratulated her again.

Others urged her to have enough rest as she walked around the estate.

Congrats & rest well

Now that her second bundle of joy is out, we’d like to offer Ms Seah our heartiest congratulations.

Hopefully she gets some well-deserved rest and soon gets into the swing of taking care of two little ones.

But knowing her, despite how busy she’ll be, she’ll be seen walking around the community very soon.

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Featured images adapted from Nicole Seah 佘雪玲 on Facebook.

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