Nissin Tonkotsu Flavoured Shaker Fries In McDonald’s Hong Kong

For some, Nissin Sesame Oil Flavour Instant Noodles may have been a memorable part of your childhood. Especially those after-school afternoons when you could sneak a pack for lunch in front of the TV.


McDonald’s Hong Kong is about to jolt those mirthful memories with their latest Nissin’s Tonkotsu Flavoured Shaker Fries, released today (27 Feb).


It’s no nostalgic sesame oil, but the fact that it’s Nissin gives us hope that it may one day be.

Besides, what’s not to love about Ramen-tasting fries?

Nissin limited edition bowls and plates

If seeing the Shaker Fries revived your once impassioned love for the instant noodle brand, McDonald’s HK will let you have a limited edition “Demae Iccho Japanese Ceramic Tableware Set” for HK$98 (S$16.80) with any food purchase.


The set includes a large “Ching Chai Bowl“, a “Ching Chai Ichiban Plate” and 2 McDonald’s discount coupons worth HK$10.

Shaker Fries part of a Japanese-themed launch

The Nissin Tonkotsu Flavoured Shaker Fries is part of Japanese-themed launch at McDonald’s HK.

The launch includes 2 mouthwatering burgers — Miyazaki-styled Nanban Chicken Burger and Nagoya-styled Miso Pork Cutlet Burger.


And to wash down that delicious burger, a refreshing White Grape Soda with Nata De Coco.


Nissin please, McDonald’s

Maybe if enough people start talking about this, McDonald’s Singapore will actually consider bringing those flavours here.

Fingers crossed for a Nissin Sesame Oil Shaker Fries surprise announcement.

Featured image from Ramen Rater & EatBook.