NTUC FairPrice To Give Elderly, Pregnant Women & Persons With Disabilities Priority Shopping Hour On Mondays

NTUC FairPrice Priority Shopping Will Be Within 1 Hour Of Opening Time On Mondays

After outbreaks of panic-buying, several countries have begun to introduce special shopping hours for vulnerable groups like the elderly, pregnant women and persons with disabilities (PWDs).

Jumping on the bandwagon is local supermarket chain NTUC FairPrice, which has introduced a Priority Shopping Hour today (24 Mar).


Still in the trial phase, the initiative will start next Monday (30 Mar), according to their press release.

Priority shopping in first hour of NTUC outlet’s opening on Mondays

To facilitate a smooth experience, NTUC FairPrice has allocated the priority shopping within the first hour of every outlet’s operating time on Mondays.

For stores that open for 24 hours, the hour will last between 7am to 8am.

Senior citizens who wish to drop by within this window can simply flash their Pioneer Generation (PG) cards to gain entry.


The card also entitles them to additional discounts, just like what they currently enjoy every Monday and Wednesday.

Pregnant women and PWDs on the other hand have to inform staff at the entrance of their condition before stepping into the supermarket during Priority Shopping Hour.

Initiative to ensure safety of vulnerable groups

While the move is unprecedented, it isn’t in response to panic-buying, as many may think.

Rather, NTUC FairPrice is doing this as part of their safe distancing measures to ensure the safety of vulnerable groups who may be more prone to health risks.


Hopefully, with the Priority Shopping Hour, grocery shopping will be a more peaceful experience for them.

Tell your grandparents or anyone whom you know might benefit from the initiative about this. We’re sure they’ll appreciate it.

For a list of all the NTUC FairPrice stores and opening hours, visit the directory here.

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