You Can Send Cards To Nursing Homes For $2, Let Ah Ma & Ah Gong Know They’re Loved

‘Hey, You Got Mail!’ Students Initiative Sends Handmade Pop-Up Cards To Nursing Homes

‘Circuit Breaker’ was a hard time for everyone, especially when we had to get by with minimal socialisation and human companionship.

Elderly folks, especially those in nursing homes, were among those hardest hit by feelings of isolation and loneliness. Such emotional challenges may continue to persist among them even in Phase 2 as strict visitor limits are still in place.

Seeking to alleviate their loneliness, a group of students started a project that lets families send handmade cards to their loved ones in nursing homes.


So even when you can’t visit them, they’ll know you’re thinking of them.

Send $2 handmade pop-up cards to nursing homes

The project, named ‘Hey, You Got Mail!’ is a non-profit initiative that aims to alleviate social isolation endured by seniors living in nursing homes.


According to their website, a group of young adults wanted to help elderly folks who suffer from prolonged feelings of loneliness.

Currently, seniors are only allowed one visitor per day for 30 minutes due to restrictions implemented in Phase 2.

In hope of letting seniors feel less lonely, the initiative lets families send handmade pop-up cards that cost $2 each to loved ones and other senior residents in nursing homes.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s inside the adorable artwork.

Cards show a cute chick holding a letter

The cover of the pop-up card depicts a bird holding a letter with the words “Hey, You Got Mail!” beside it.

Image courtesy of Hey, You Got Mail!

When you open it, it has a pop-up rainbow and words of encouragement that say “there will always be an umbrella to shelter you from the rainy day”.

Image courtesy of Hey, You Got Mail!

On the back of the card, it signs off with love and displays a bird holding a letter with its beak.

Image courtesy of Hey, You Got Mail!

Extra card will be sent to a nursing home partner

Apart from helping families reconnect with their loved ones through the written word, students behind the initiative want to reach out to more folks.


So, for every one card that is ordered, the students will send another to a nursing home partner.


They are:

  • Ling Kwang Nursing Home
  • MWS Bethany Nursing Home
  • Ren Ci @ Ang Mo Kio
  • Ren Ci @ Bukit Batok
  • St Luke’s Eldercare @ Ang Mo Kio
  • Tembusu Senior Activity Centre
  • Geylang East Home For The Aged

Even if you don’t know anyone living in the above homes, you can also write heartfelt messages to them to lift their spirits.

Image courtesy of Hey, You Got Mail!

You may order a card or send a message to an elderly resident here.

Small gestures go a long way

It truly has been a trying 2020. Even as we are striving to overcome obstacles in our lives, let us not forget senior citizens who face great social isolation in this pandemic.

A little gesture may go a long way. A simple message can give someone hope that things will be better tomorrow.

So, kudos to this group of students who are going out of their way to show elderly folks that there’s a silver lining in every dark cloud.

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Featured image courtesy of Hey, You Got Mail!.

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