S’pore Redditor Records Birds Hatching From Eggs To Fledglings Over 20 Days Of Circuit Breaker

S’pore Netizen Finds Nest Of Eggs Which Hatch Into Circuit Breaker Fledglings

The beauty of new life never fails to intrigue us all and give us hope.

A netizen recounted the beautiful process of observing the hatching of 3 eggs on Reddit Singapore, after discovering a bird’s nest on 12 May.


20 days later, the Redditor – u/DankDoctor– completed documenting their progress from eggs, through birth & growing into hatchlings, and finally getting ready to fly on Sunday (31 May).


This timely story will definitely inspire us to stay optimistic, especially since we’ve emerged after 2 months of enduring our Circuit Breaker.

Found eggs 20 days ago

The Redditor first shared a picture of the eggs 20 days ago, on Tuesday (12 May).

A bird had made a cozy little nest on its plant, and laid 3 pebble-smooth, white eggs in it.


It’s rare that you get to see a birds’ nest so close up – and many of the commenters were intrigued by the sight.

Others advised the netizen to leave the nest alone, as the parent bird would eventually return to care for the eggs.

Baby birds hatched after 9 days

The birds’ hatching came after 9 days of heated anticipation, on 21 May.

Out wriggled a bright pink, wrinkly & featherless creature that hardly resembled a bird.


The hatchlings probably didn’t look anything like the fluffy little chicks anyone expected, but educated many on what freshly hatched chicks look like.

Just like newborn babies, they need a little time to grow out their feathery down.

Chicks have grown into tiny yellow fledglings

Yesterday (31 May), the OP finally shared one last update on the ‘Circuit Breaker’ chicks.

Once just small white eggs, they had finally come into their own and grown into tiny, yellowish birds.


A fellow Redditor identified that they were probably Swinhoe’s White-eyes, and may grow up to look like this in the future.


Thankful for observing birds up close

The netizen commented on being grateful for the privilege to see the birds develop from an egg stage to almost-adults over just 20 days.


We think it’s indeed a special experience to be the unofficial guardian of baby birds. Most of us would leap at the opportunity too if we could.

Circuit Breaker hatchlings lift our spirits

The birds are ready to take off and start their own lives away from their nest at a significant time — the end of our historic ‘Circuit Breaker’.

Hopefully, just like these birds, we’ll be able to leave our nests for adventures very soon. Many of us are missing our friends and family, and even simple pleasures like going to the beach or eating a fresh, hot meal at a hawker centre.

Until then, all we can do is wait and enjoy our cozy nests in the meantime. Stay safe, and stay home for now.

Featured image adapted from Reddit, RedditReddit.

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