NUS Proposes ‘Black Mark’ For Students Guilty Of Sexual Misconduct & Longer Suspensions

NUS Review Committee Make Recommendations Following Peeping Tom Cases

The National University of Singapore (NUS) Review Committee, put together after the outrage over the university’s supposedly inadequate handling of sexual misconducts, has just revealed their recommendations.

The email was sent out to all NUS Alumni. The recommendations were given in summary:

  1. 1-year suspension.
  2. Expulsion if offence is severe.
  3. Certificate of rehabilitation required before he/she can return to school.
  4. Notation on transcript i.e. black mark.

For the notation, it will only remain for a period of time after the student’s graduation. So it’s not like the permanent one you get when you get imprisoned.

New victim care unit

In addition to the tougher sanctions, the Committee also proposed a new Care Unit for victims of sexual misconduct. The unit will be staffed by “trained and experienced care officers” and will support the victim till they are well enough.

The Committee also invites more feedback from the public and from students. It will be holding more engagement sessions in the coming 3 weeks.

The suggestions will be collected and collated through an independent research consultancy to ensure anonymity and fairness.

You can send your feedback to if you have any.

The Commitee’s final report is expected to be published by mid-June 2019.

Featured image from NUS.

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