NUS Student Asks If SAF Officer Privileges Exist In Uni, Netizens ‘Confirm’ Everyone Will Diam & Salute Him

NUS Student Asks If His SAF Officer Rank Will Be Respected In Uni

Everyday, you strut around the SAF camp with pride. You do this because you know that on the little piece of fabric fixed along the button sleeve of your uniform shows 2 thick black bars.

But your NS time is soon ending. Will you still be able to enjoy those privileges — being saluted wherever you go and being able to tell anyone with less than 2 bars to do push-ups?

One prospective NUS student seems to be very concerned about this. He posted his concerns on popular-anonymous-page-where-you-send-your-concerns-in-anonymously, NUSWhispers.


With palpable concern, he asks if being an officer, he would be treated with more respect by his fellow schoolmates.

Then, he gives an example — if he applies for a leadership role in a CCA club, will his chances improve if he told the committee he was an officer in SAF.

Finally, assuming the certainty of officer privileges, he asks what other benefits he will enjoy just because he’s an officer.

Netizens confirm his expectations

Netizens, helpful as ever, confirmed the officer’s expectations.

First, whenever he walks into a lecture hall, everyone will immediately diam, salute, and ask for his permission to carry on doing whatever they were doing.

Apart from the salutations and permissions, the school will also grant the officer a platoon sergeant — because officers are usually too busy with very important matters to handle the ‘ground stuff’.

Finally, officers also get a free pass through university. But of course, officers, since they love challenges, will rather take on the full 4 years than use a simple cop-out.

Being an officer sure is good.

A few weeks ago, Facebook page NUS Students United admitted to contributing troll posts to the NUSWhispers page.

So please, take whatever Mr I-am-an-SAF-Officer says with a truckload of salt.

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