CID Officer Shares Glimpse Of Duties, He Detects Suspected Gang Members At Entertainment Venues

CID Officer Shares Glimpse Of Duties, He Detects Suspected Gang Members At Entertainment Venues

Officer Shares How Team Captures Suspected Gang Members

Despite Singapore’s generally squeaky-clean image, there are still secret societies and gangs lurking in the shadows.

Fortunately, the authorities are always working hard to track down and deal with these groups.

In a recent post by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Eric revealed the ins and outs of an enforcement operation by the Secret Societies Branch of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

The clip even shows a few suspected gang members getting arrested during the operation.

Officer does enforcement work at potential gang hotspots

In the eight-minute video, ASP Eric shared that this team would do occasional checks on entertainment venues with high footfall to “deter and detect secret society members”.

Source: Facebook

Part of his job includes building rapport with the staff of public entertainment outlets to promote a better understanding of the happenings in the clubs.

This allows for more “fruitful checks on the undesirable characters or patrons (in) the club”.

The video also features a behind-the-scenes look at actual enforcement operations, including the officers doing thorough body searches on club patrons.

Source: Facebook

Those identified as suspected members of unlawful societies were then arrested for further investigation.

Long hours makes job tough

Beyond enforcement work, ASP Eric added that the team does investigation work and community outreach initiatives as well.

They also supervise reporting of the Criminal Law Police Supervisee at all the police divisions.

Thus, it is no surprise that the challenges of his job include the long hours, as well as having to work during weekends and festive seasons.

ASP Eric shared that because of this, “good family support and understanding” are fundamental for officers in the department.

Nevertheless, he appreciates the unique and fulfilling nature of his job.

Kudos to ASP Eric and his team for keeping gang activities in Singapore at bay.

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