Over 2,700 Officials To Be On Duty Daily At Johor Borders, Checkpoints Open 24 Hours

2,700 Officials Will Be On Duty At Johor Borders

As Singapore transitions into our new normal, a crucial part is a return to travels across the Causeway.

On Friday (1 Apr), fully vaccinated Singaporeans will once again be able to enter Malaysia via land, air, and sea.

Johor’s Chief Minister Mr Onn Hafiz Ghazi shared that over 2,700 officials are on duty every day at Johor Bahru (JB) borders.


Immigration services at checkpoints will be back to their pre-pandemic strength, operating 24/7 starting from 1 Apr.

2,700 officials stationed at Johor borders from 1 Apr

Malaysia is set to reopen its borders to travellers on Friday (1 Apr).

On Wednesday (30 Mar), Johor’s Chief Minister Mr Onn Hafiz said that over 2,700 officials would be placed on duty at JB borders every day.


According to The Star, immigration services at Malaysia’s entry points will return to the strength of their pre-pandemic days to facilitate the influx of travellers entering and leaving the country.

Automated gates will be operational at the Causeway, Second Link, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), and KLIA2.

Counters at these checkpoints will also be operating at 50% capacity on a 24-hour basis from 1 Apr.

Malaysia’s Immigration Department Director-General Khairul Dzaimee said this would be sufficient to handle the number of travellers.

The country is hoping that this will ensure immigration protocols are followed. Hopefully, it will also help make entering Malaysia a smooth and efficient process.

1,600 police officers on duty in reopening week

Besides that, Malaysia also has plans in place to ensure the public’s safety.

Speaking in a press conference on 30 Mar, Johor police chief Kamarul Zaman Mamat said 1,600 police officers will be on duty in the first week of the reopening.

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The officers will be concentrated in focus areas and strategic locations identified by the police, reported Malay Mail.

These locations are the Sultan Iskandar Building (BSI), the bus terminal, Bazar Karat, Larkin market, and shopping malls like Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru.

200 police officers and 113 auxiliary officers will be stationed at BSI in 3 shifts. They will help control traffic flow and safety.

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At the Sultan Abu Bakar Building (BSAB), 50 to 60 officers will be stationed there. Mr Kamarul Zaman elaborated that this is to ensure the safety of tourists and citizens by preventing theft and pickpocketing.

Johor Chief Minister seeks travellers’ patience

With huge numbers expected on day 1 of the reopening, Mr Onn Hafiz also took to Facebook to reassure the public that preparations have been made to mitigate this.

This includes waiving toll payments and the S$6.45 road charge for all vehicles entering the country via the Johor-Singapore land borders for the first seven days of April.

Mr Onn Hafiz said this should ease traffic, but congestion is still expected. After all, Malaysia is anticipating almost 50,000 cars entering JB every day.

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With that, he urged everyone to be patient throughout the process.

Ensure you have the relevant documents prepared

As borders reopen, many will be eager to make the trip across the Causeway after such a long hiatus.

We’re glad that Malaysia is ready to welcome Singaporeans to its shores once again.

If you plan to travel to Malaysia soon, do ensure you are well-prepared with the relevant documents even as you enjoy your time with friends and family.

Here’s a checklist for easy reference:

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Featured image adapted from DamianwithSandra and Onn Hafiz on Facebook.

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