Man Claims Hawker Denied Giving Him 4 Satay Sticks Less Until He Threatened To ‘Call Police’

Old Airport Road Hawker Allegedly Shortchanged Man 4 Satay Sticks

You would find satay stalls around most hawker centres as it is a cheap Singaporean classic.


However, satays are usually bought in large numbers which makes it hard to count after purchase.

A Facebook post shared on All Singapore Stuff on Monday (13 May) recounts a netizen’s experience of allegedly getting cheated when buying satays from a stall – Chong Pang Huat – at Old Airport Road Hawker Centre.

Confessed After Threatening To Call Police

The netizen brought his family to Old Airport Road Hawker Centre to have breakfast.

He decided to order 20 satay sticks from Chong Pang Huat but allegedly received only 16 sticks after checking.


When confronted about the 4 missing satay sticks, the hawker denied cheating him. However, when the netizen threatened to call the police, the stall owners confessed to the cheating.

Netizens split on the issue

Hawkers cheating customers of their money doesn’t seem to be a limited incident as another netizen shares his experience.

Apparently, drinks stalls have the same issue when you give them big notes. The change could lesser than what you should be receiving.


However, one other netizen provides an alternative view as to why there were 4 sticks missing.

The hawker could have miscounted the number of sticks but didn’t want the trouble of involving the police.


Yet another took a more neutral stance, reminding everyone that the user wasn’t complaining, but merely sharing his experience so others would be more aware when receiving food or change.


Count your satay sticks

We won’t know whether the hawker had deliberately shortchanged the man but we can learn something from this incident.

Whether it is satay sticks or change, always double check when you are receiving an item.

If found, you can try to resolve it with the business owner on the spot as it could really be a careless mistake on their part. If they are uncooperative, you can always raise it to CASE for investigations.

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