Order Sultan Bazaar Food Like Halal Mala, Sushi & Satay Burger Via A New Delivery App

Order Bazaar Food & Have It Delivered To Your Home

Ramadan has begun and annual bazaars have started to spring up in several locations across Singapore.

The excitement is real, and so are the impossibly huge crowds, which can stop you from going out to buy food.

Here comes new food delivery platform BUNGKUS to the rescue, which lets you order bazaar food online and have it sent straight to your home.

Wide variety of international delicacies

Unlike the Geylang Bazaar, the Sultan Bazaar is a lot smaller, but that doesn’t mean a smaller variety of yummy dishes.

In fact, you can find over 10 different cuisines from Thai to Western and Mediterranean across roughly 40 stalls there. And everything’s halal, so don’t you worry.

Halal mala isn’t easy to come by, so to have it available for delivery is heaven-sent for all the spicy food lovers. Eating at home means the toilet isn’t too far away for you to relieve the burn afterwards.


Those with milder palettes might want to go for sushi from Home of Sushi instead, with options like unagi maki going for S$10.26 for 6 pieces.


You can’t go wrong with Western dishes like burgers and pizzas, except the ones at the bazaar come with a twist.

The Malay-inspired Famous Satay Burger tastes just like the skewered meat, but larger, juicier and sandwiched between two fluffy burger buns. It even comes with peanut sauce.

S$7.69 for a burger

And if pizza slices are too big and greasy for your dainty hands, try eating them in this cute cone form from Unique Cone Pizza, almost like a savoury ice-cream.

S$6.40 per cone

Of course, you’ll have to finish off the satisfying meal with dessert, and what better option than goreng pisang or banana fritters?

These fritters from O’Braim come with cool toppings like milo cereal and chocolate sauce, apart from the popular grated cheese.


There’s just so many to choose from, and the best part is, you can simply browse through your phone or computer screen.

Island-wide delivery

You know how food delivery apps only deliver within a certain distance? BUNGKUS doesn’t restrict your choices like that, and will deliver to you wherever you are, even as far as Tuas.

Just click on their app or website, enter your location and select from the stores available.

Other than the bazaar, they also deliver from several other halal restaurants island-wide.

Delivery for Sultan Bazaar food runs for a limited time only over the fasting month:

Dates: 5 May-4 Jun, daily
Time: 10am-6pm & 8pm-10pm


Install the app on your phone soon, and beat the crowds to get your fix of bazaar food.

Featured image from The Halal Food Blog on Facebook and BUNGKUS.

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