Marina Bay Parade Will Have Lamborghini Convoy & 720 Lions In Mass Dance On 21 Dec

Peace & Prosperity Singapura 2019 Parade Will Have Lion Dances, Lamborghinis & Celeb Performances

A peace and prosperity parade? Well, it’s the first of its kind, so we wouldn’t be surprised if you wondered the same as we did.

The parade, happening at The Float @ Marina Bay, is an initiative to celebrate Singapore’s peace and prosperity and appreciate our racial and religious harmony.

And celebration means 720 lions performing a synchronised mass dance, a walk-through exhibition on Singapore’s multi-religious history, a 54-strong Lamborghini convoy roaring down the lane in unison, celebrity performances and of course, to round up the evening, an eruption of fireworks.

So if you were looking for activities for the family before the holiday season concludes — 21 Dec, 5pm, The Float @ Marina Bay.

An exhibition, lion dance & roaring Lamborghinis

The walk-through exhibition titled “Singapore Bicentennial: Celebrating Interfaith Contributions” will take visitors through the early years of Singapore and show how the various religious communities started out and eventually established harmony.


You may have seen a lion dance performance, maybe below your block or at a new restaurant or office opening. But have you seen 720 lions performing a Lion Dance?

The performance will set 2 records in the Singapore Book of Records — “Largest Mass Lion Dance Display” and “Largest Lion Eye-dotting Ceremony”.

120 lions will come from troupes from all over Singapore, while 600 more will be made and ‘woken’ by dotting their eyes. The newer lions will spot a fresh ‘coat’ of red and white i.e. the colours of Singapore.

Image from Tao One

But perhaps for some of you, the real prize is seeing the convoy of Lamborghinis.

The elegant bull of a car should be no stranger to you. Just one of them is loud enough to turn heads from a block away.

Imagine 54 of them. Moreover, these supercars are often customised, so you can expect a show of chrome and colour on the platform.


Fireworks & performances by local artistes

Taking the stage and guiding the parade will be celebrities like Police & Thief star Suhaimi Yusof and DJ Jean Danker, as well as song performances by local artistes like Jack & Rai and StellaVee. There will also be a special “Peace & Prosperity” song composed and sung for the first time at the parade.

Finally, no parade is complete without a grand display of fireworks.

Also, admission is free. First-come, first-served — which means if you and your family are keen, do head down early to book your seats.

For more information on the parade, you may visit their website here, or their Facebook page here.

Peace & Prosperity Singapura 2019

Venue: The Float @ Marina Bay, 20 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039805
Date: 21 Dec 2019
Time: 5pm to 8pm

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Feature images courtesy of Tao One and adapted from Flickr.

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