Pets ‘NRIC’ & Running License Now Available For S’pore Doggos, Features Their Names & Mug Shots

Dogs in Singapore Can Now Hang Their Pink ‘NRIC’ & Running License Around Their Collars

Every Singaporean get their own pink NRIC when they are of age. Now even our pet dogs can ‘apply’ for their own card as well.

Folks over at Pets NRIC now offer services that allow pet owners to get identity cards for their beloved canine buddies, so you won’t confuse your doggo for another that looks alike.


Each card features an adorable mug shot of your doggo and its name, followed by customisable details like their date of birth and breed.

NRIC created to help lost doggos

After a friend’s dog went missing, the owner of the account decided to make an identity card for the ‘lil one so that it can always find it’s way home.

This pink ‘NRIC’ bears an uncanny resemblance to the real deal but replaces common hooman information with the dog’s own details.


The ‘NRIC’ includes the pet-owner’s contact number and address, allowing them to reunite with their furkids should they go missing.


The fingerprint is wittily replaced with a dog paw print, while the Singapore crest is modified with a customised caption.

Running license gives doggos permission to roam free at selected locations

If a pink NRIC is too mainstream, you can even opt for a driving running license for your pet.


Though it is not a legit driving license, it gives your pet ‘permission’ to run without a leash at approved locations.


Little ones evidently happy to receive their NRIC

This puppy, Kirby, looks absolutely elated to receive her identity card, hugging it lovingly with her little paws.


Others like Jojo is ready to leave home with the new addition to his dog collar.


Stray dog shelters will benefit from your purchase

Part of the proceeds that Pets NRIC receives will go towards helping the stray dogs in Singapore.

At around $40, you can buy a special gift for your pet while helping a good cause, killing two birds with one stone.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these cards, message Pets NRIC on Facebook and fill in all the necessary details listed below.


Know someone who’d love to get their pets a NRIC? Tag them in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Facebook & Facebook

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