Animal Rescuers In Canada Find Stray Dog Hugging 5 Kittens In The Snow

It’s wintertime in many countries now, which means that the stray animals are left to fend for themselves against the elements.

A woman was driving on a road in Ontario, Canada when she saw a worrying sight.

At the roadside lay a stray dog who was helplessly shivering in the snow. That was not all. The lady found out that the doggo was trying to protect 5 orphaned kittens in her embrace, reported The Dodo.


The Pet and Wildlife Rescue (PAWR) shelter has shared precious pictures of this unlikely ‘family’ on 17 Nov, showing the doggo looking after the kittens.


Stray dog hugged kittens to give them warmth

The stray dog was hugging 5 orphaned kittens to keep them warm in the harsh winter.

The good Samaritan who found them took them to PAWR’s shelter where they could spend a warm, comfy night.


Serenity the doggo hero

PAWR has introduced the loving mama doggo as Serenity on their Facebook page.


They shared that the German Shepherd loves “zooming around outside” but “needs to be taught some manners”. Despite that, she’ll be ready for adoption soon after getting spayed.

Nonetheless, the most prominent part of her personality is that she’s “obviously great with cats and would have no problem going to a home that has cats in it”.


Serenity and the kittens have been “living [their] best lives ever” since they were rescued, according to the rescue shelter.

A foster family is taking care of the kittens now and will be put up for adoption when they’re old enough.

Hope Serenity finds a family soon

This story is truly heartwarming and lovely. If not for Serenity, the poor kittens may have frozen to death.

We hope that Serenity and the little kittens will be able to find their forever home soon.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.