Huge Pink Supermoon Will Emerge At 10.35am On 8 Apr, Hopefully Can See It From Our Homes

Singaporeans Can Snap Pictures Of The Pink Supermoon Through Their Windows On 8 Apr Morning

As “circuit breaker” measures take effect on Tuesday (7 Apr), most Singaporeans are taking either working or studying from home.

Though so, staying home does not mean we are deprived of the outside world’s beauty.

On Wednesday (8 Apr) morning, Singaporeans across the island will be able to observe a pink supermoon from the comforts of their homes.


Pink supermoon will emerge on 8 Apr morning

Instagram enthusiasts should get their cameras ready by 10.35am, when the pink moon is predicted to appear, according to Time Out Singapore.


Try not to expect a giant hot pink moon. Rather, the colour of the moon will turn out ordinary white. Though so, it will look much larger than usual.

Surrounding the significantly bigger and brighter moon are pink skies, reminiscent of a beautiful sunset scene.


The pink moon will be visible for around 20 minutes, so fret not if you are still caught in an online meeting at 10.35am.

Singaporeans can view it from their homes

Like a scene from Kimi No Nawa (Your Name), this anime-like sky will not be something you would want to miss.


Though we are not able to bask in its full glory out in the open, we can still take in its splendour from indoors, according to this NASA Expert.

In trying times like this,  we hope the beautiful sight will certainly lift our spirits, giving us more hope and motivation for the weeks to come.

Featured image adapted from Simple Most.

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