Man DIYs Face Shield In 2 Minutes Using 1.5-Litre Plastic Bottles, Sponge & String

During the Covid-19 outbreak, it’s vital that members of the public put on protective gear when they are out and about.

While it’s mandatory now for Singaporeans to put on masks when they leave home, some may also wish to wear face shields for added protection.

However, these are often more expensive than face masks. A quick search on Shopee showed prices start from $1.62, almost triple the price of disposable face masks which cost $0.65 each.

But thanks to this man’s video tutorial, we’ll be saving time and money with his ingenious DIY face shields made from 1.5-litre plastic bottles, sponge, and string.


Now, you’ll finally have a use for all those Coca-Cola plastic bottles you’ve been keeping in your storeroom.


Man turns plastic bottle into face shield in 2 minutes

In the short and sweet video, the man guides us through making the face shields from plastic bottles.

You don’t have to worry about feeling lost at any point in the video, as he demonstrates how to make the face shields while explaining what he’s doing simply and clearly.

Start by cutting the top and bottom of the bottle off, but leaving some of the rounded edges to cup your face.


Next, cut open the cylinder to form the ‘shield’ bit of the screen.

Remember to trim and round the edges of the rectangular ‘shield’ so you don’t get cut.


After that, just glue on a piece of sponge for a forehead rest, attach some string, and you’re good to go!


His wife, who filmed the video, sounded just as surprised as we were when he managed to finish making the face shield in just 2 minutes, flat.

Make your own face shields!

If you’ve collected a bunch of Coca-Cola, 100 Plus, or Pepsi plastic bottles at home, now’s the perfect time to put them to good use. Just make sure you’ve rinsed them first, or your face might get sticky.

This is a great activity to do with the little ones as well while teaching them about hygiene and safety at the same time.

We hope this inspires you to recycle your plastic bottles and reminds you to be safe too. After all, it looks like we’ll be needing masks and face shields for quite a while more, so why not start making them by yourself now?

Featured image adapted from YouTube and Pinterest.