‘Very Nice Aunts?’: Blocked Words In Viral PM Lee & Lawrence Wong Photo Leave People Guessing

Photo Of PM Lee & DPM Lawrence Wong Shaking Hands Goes Viral

Singapore’s politicians are no strangers to posing for the camera, which is exactly what Prime Minister (PM) Lee Hsien Loong and Deputy PM (DPM) Lawrence Wong did at a recent event.

A photo of them shaking hands then went viral on Saturday (18 Nov) following a Facebook post by former journalist Bertha Henson.

“ST should NEVER use this picture again,” she said. “Or blur the background.”

Source: Bertha Henson on Facebook

As it turns out, the partially obscured words in the backdrop have captured the minds of netizens.

At the time of writing, the photo has garnered over 400 shares and 250 comments from people trying to guess the words.

PM Lee & Lawrence Wong shake hands in viral photo

The photo in question appears innocent enough at first glance, with the timestamp indicating that it appeared in a Straits Times (ST) article on Friday (17 Nov). Looking at ST’s recently published articles involving the pair, this one could likely be the report in question, though the photo appears to have been changed.

In the other photo Bertha shared, PM Lee and DPM Lawrence Wong were all smiles in the foreground as they shared a firm handshake in party attire.

They stood in front of a pink backdrop with some words on it.

Source: Bertha Henson on Facebook

Due to the positioning of PM Lee and the angle of the photo, however, the first few letters were cut off.

This then prompted a flurry of netizens engaging in their version of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ in the comments section.

Safe to say, some of these guesses made little to no sense at all.

Netizens guess the words behind the leaders

One Facebook user eagerly volunteered to solve the puzzle.

Source: Facebook

Their contribution was the phrase, “Very Nice Stunts”. Meanwhile, another confident netizen chimed in with “Fiery nice punts” — which is even more confusing than the first guess.

Source: Facebook

A Wheel Of Fortune viewer couldn’t resist participating in the fun, with two solid phrases: “Very Nice Aunts” and “Every Injustice Haunts”.

Source: Facebook

Bertha Henson, the one who started the conversation, also chimed in with “every slice counts”.

Source: Facebook

She came close to revealing the correct words, as did a few others in the comments section.

Some netizens also shared a photo of the event from another angle that partly confirmed some of the words.

Source: Facebook

The mysterious phrase as guessed by some clever sleuths? “Every Voice Counts”. As it turns out, the photo is actually from the People’s Action Party’s (PAP) Awards and Convention 2023 which took place on 5 Nov.

Pictures from other angles confirm the above slogan, which is far from some of the rather wild guesses people put forward.

Source: Ang Wei Neng 洪维能 on Facebook

Did you manage to correctly guess the phrase? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from Bertha Henson on Facebook.

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