PM Lee’s Malay Teacher Passes Away, Cikgu Amin Taught Him Since He Was 5

PM Lee Expresses Thanks For Malay Teacher’s Support & Friendship

When Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong addressed the nation at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Singaporeans were intrigued by one particular thing.

PM Lee had demonstrated his strong language abilities as he seamlessly switched from speaking in English to Chinese and Malay.

Behind our eloquent Prime Minister’s fluent speeches, lie the teachers that had dedicated much time and effort into teaching him.

On Tuesday (1 Sep), PM Lee expressed his condolences after learning the passing of his old Malay teacher – whom he affectionately refers to as Cikgu Amin – in a Facebook post.

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He expresses his thoughts in English and then in Malay.

PM Lee saddened by Malay teacher’s passing

PM Lee learnt of his beloved Malay teacher, Cikgu Amin’s passing on the morning of 1 Sep.

While the news brought him great sadness, he was thankful for all the teacher had done for him.

PM Lee also expressed condolences to his late teacher’s family in such a hard time.

Taught him since he was a young boy

Cikgu Amin taught PM Lee Malay since he was just 5 years old.

Today, the Prime Minister attributes his good foundation of the Malay language to his teacher.

Cikgu Amin’s passion for the language rubbed off on him and many other students in his lifetime.

PM Lee visited Cikgu Amin back in March

While the passing of Cikgu Amin grieved him, PM Lee was thankful that he was able to visit him one last time in March, before the ‘Circuit Breaker’ (CB).

He even shared a heartwarming picture of them together.

PM Lee Malay TeacherSource

PM Lee added that Cikgu Amin had lent him his support throughout the years and the two shared a friendship.

Even though he suffered from an illness, the teacher made sure to vote during the General Elections earlier this year.

In his 2004 National Day Rally speech, PM Lee had also mentioned Cikgu Amin was there for his swearing in.

Condolences to Cikgu Amin’s family and friends

PM Lee’s glowing tribute to Cikgu Amin is surely a testament to the fruitful life he once lived, inspiring others with his love for the language.

MS News extends our deepest condolences go to Haji Muhammad Amin Shafawi’s family and friends at this time.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Twitter.

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