PM Lee Promises Mr Modi That Singapore Will Care For Migrant Workers No Differently Than Citizens

With the number of Covid-19 patients rising rapidly in migrant worker dormitories, anxiety is at an all time high.

One can only imagine the fear amongst the migrant workers themselves, much less their loved ones back home.

Hence, PM Lee took the opportunity during his phone call with India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to assure him that Singapore will do its best to ensure the well-being of migrant workers.

PM Lee says Singapore will care for migrant workers

In a Facebook post on Thursday (23 Apr), PM Lee shared the contents of the phone call between him and Mr Modi.


He acknowledged that Indian migrant workers have made sacrifices to work in and contribute to Singapore. As such, it is that nation’s responsibility to care for them.

PM Lee then assured Mr Modi migrant workers will be treated and cared for no differently than citizens.

Mr Modi in return expressed his gratitude for Singapore’s efforts, affirming that this consideration will not be forgotten.

A two-way partnership between Singapore and India

PM Lee also acknowledged India’s help in coordinating the safe return of Singaporeans in India during the latter country’s lockdown.

India has been in lockdown since 24 Mar — a feat PM Lee has recognised to be challenging for a nation of over 1.3 billion people.


As both nations are “strategic partners with extensive economic ties”, the 2 leaders agreed to work to overcome the pandemic together, keeping supply chains intact with essential supplies flowing.

Gratitude from the people of both nations

It seems that citizens of both countries similarly agree to the sentiments of PM Lee and Mr Modi, with many taking to the comments to express gratitude.

One netizen thanked PM Lee for his affirmation that migrant workers will be cared for, sending his love from India.


Another praised PM Lee for his continuous efforts in strengthening ties with multiple nations.


And yet another thanked the 2 leaders for their efforts, acknowledging the humanistic approach of both leaders.


Cooperation is key in a global pandemic

Although the situation seems utterly bleak, we are glad that leaders of nations are coming together to take action for their people.


The government is also setting a good example, showing that cooperation is key, and demonstrating the ability to care for citizens outside of their own.

Hopefully, stronger ties between our nations will be fostered, and we can all overcome the Covid-19 pandemic together.

Featured image adapted from Connected to India.