PMD Accident In Bedok Reportedly Leaves Elderly Lady With Brain Injuries; Investigations Are Ongoing

65-Year-Old Cyclist In Coma After Collision With PMD In Bedok

Even with stricter rules implemented against Personal Mobility Devices (PMD), accidents unfortunately still happen.

In this case, a 65-year-old lady, Mdm Ong Bee Eng, was riding her bicycle when she collided into a fast-moving PMD, leaving her with severe injuries, according to Lianhe Zaobao.


This incident reportedly took place at 10.24pm on Saturday (21 Sep) at Blk 539 Bedok North Street 3.

Speeding PMD knocks down old lady in Bedok

Eyewitnesses’ accounts claimed that Mdm Ong was cycling across the zebra crossing when she collided with the speeding PMD.

The front wheel of her bicycle was bent out of shape, likely due to the impact of the collision.

Here’s a picture taken by a reporter from Lianhe Zaobao.


An ambulance soon took her to Changi General Hospital, with police arriving at the scene promptly.

They cordoned off the area where puddles of her blood were spotted on the ground.

Here’s what a reporter from Lianhe Zaobao saw.


Elderly cyclist in a coma after the accident

Lianhe Zaobo also reported that hospital checkups revealed that the elderly lady suffered severe brain injuries and fractures on her ribs and collarbone.

There’s also a chance that she might end up in a vegetative state after her operation.

For now, Mdm Ong is in a coma in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The 20-year-old PMD rider also suffered several injuries and was brought to the hospital for treatment.

Police confirmed that he will be arrested for causing serious injuries to others.

Wishing the elderly lady a speedy recovery

MS News wishes Mdm Ong a smooth recovery, and hope that her condition will improve with time.

We urge readers to hold all allegations against the PMD user as the case is still under investigation.

PMD owners are reminded to obey all safety rules to prevent such accidents in the future.

Feature image adapted from Google Maps.

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