Pokémon AirPod Cases Are Available Online & You Can Get Them In S’pore For ~S$11 Each

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Cute Pokémon AirPods Cases For You To Become A Pokemon Trainer

Are you a Pokémon fan who loves everything Pokémon? Well, we recently found out that Pokémon AirPods cases exist.

A post on Facebook showing an AirPod case tucked inside Bulbasaur’s mouth is going viral and has caught many a netizens’ attention.

In the Facebook post, the owner said that he had purchased the Pokémon AirPods case from Shanghai.


Purchase in Singapore through eBay

While these cases are not available in Singapore, you can purchase them on eBay for about S$11 each (excluding shipping).


Do note that waiting times for free shipping can go up to 2 months. If you can’t wait that long, you can pay $4 for shipping that will reduce the waiting time to 2-4 weeks.

On the bright side, even if you have to wait 2 months, that’s far less than the 22 years Ash took to win his first championship.


The available Pokémon Airpod case designs

Here’s a list of designs you can purchase from eBay.

1. Bulbasaur


The cute little grass type starter that many of you remember choosing as your first Pokémon when playing the Pokemon games.

2. Charmander


If you want to follow in Ash’s footsteps and own a Charmander, you can do so now. Hopefully this one won’t be too arrogant when he evolves.

3. Squirtle


Gary fans can opt for the Squirtle case. Squirtle looks the most natural to us because of his round head.

4. Eevee


However many stones you feed this Eevee, it won’t evolve. Still, points for looking adorable!

5. Togepi


Togepi can always brighten your day with its childlike smile.

6. Poké Ball


Last but not least, every Pokemon trainer worth his salt will want a Poké Ball case.

Pokémon Airpod cases available in Singapore

With so many choices, which one will you be getting — or are you just gonna ‘Catch em all’?

Featured images adapted from eBay.

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