10 Most Creative Ways Poly Kids Celebrate Their Graduation

These poly kids will inspire your own graduation walk and photo shoot

It’s graduation season for Singapore polytechnics, which only means… photo spam on every social media platform ever.

I did a rather thorough polytechnic stalk on social media this afternoon and decided to start writing. And when I thought about the word ‘graduation’, my thought process went a little something like this:

Me on graduation day: Feels nothing, takes zero photos, only to miss everything one year later.

Other kids on graduation day: Knocking down push-ups on stage, taking selfies with the guest-of-honour and basically showing you what #SquadGoals mean.

1. The Dancer

This swag child does a break dance move before collecting his diploma. It’s good that he had fun, and refreshed the crowd that has probably been clapping for too long.


And if you take a close look at the comments:


This guy’s way ahead with his graduation walk plans, thanks to swag child.

2. The Fighter

Just don’t kick the guest-of-honour can already.


3. The Buff Lord

Show off.


Nonetheless, a smooth move to impress hundreds of girls watching from below. Congrats on getting to know some girls! Oh, and graduation.

4. The #SquadGoals

What a pity, those baggy graduation gowns make it impossible for there to be a black widow.


5. The Jocks and Preps

She’s hot and she’s on top.


6. The Usain Bolt

Cue “we are the champions, my friend…. we’ll keep on fighting till’ the end…..


7. The Business Advertisement

I foresee this being on a bus stop advertisement for Singapore poly.


On a side note:

poly grad 13Source

Awwwww, I hope your own graduation doesn’t turn out to be too shabby for you buddy.

8. The Mummy’s Boy

This isn’t ‘crazy’ as the title suggests but, things like this get. me. every. time. *reaches out for Kleenex*


9. The Trick Eye

Just another addition to your “Trick Eye Museum” album.


10. The Selfie

This guy takes ‘But first, lemme take a selfie’ to a whole new level.

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