15 Social Media Posts That Perfectly Sum Up SG’s Worst MRT Breakdown In History

Because complaining about the breakdown is too mainstream

So, yesterday (7 July) we experienced the worst MRT breakdown in history.

A shut down of power plagued ALL North South and East West Line commuters which, in my terms, means about 250,000 moody after-work faces became even moodier after-work faces.

That’s a lot of people.

The 250,000 valiant, brave souls of 7/7 had to endure this (when SMRT started offering free bus rides):


And this:


Things also got a little romantic in the cabins:


So lots of shits were given:



Poor guy must have thought he could get back home in time to take his usual Tuesday evening post-work/school shit.

But since the trains are back to normal now (and you’re back in school/work wishing they weren’t), here’s when we want you to join us in remembering 7/7, before it’s somehow transformed into propaganda by your social studies textbook.

15 posts that should actually be in your social studies textbook

1. The Photoshop

That’s some badass photoshopping skills right there, sir.

2. The #SimiSaiAlsoIlluminati


This needs a sub-heading: The Google Translate.

3. The SG50

Ran out of jokes to use during the train breakdown?

Fear not, just dig into the Internet’s drawer of overused jokes and pull #SG50 out of it.

4. The Next Up On OverusedJokes.com…

Russell Peters. #ComeIClapForYou

5. The Punny

Sub-heading: The Honestly He Only Got 20 RTs Because Nathan Hartono

I blame the Asian eyes + guitar + swoony voice = OVARY! EXPLOSION! equation.

6. The ERP


Every time is a good time to crack an ERP joke.

7. The Ponner

Been there done that bruh, I feel ya.

8. The Here Comes The Amos Yee Jokes

We see the Amos jokes have begun.


And here’s where I sidetrack a little to clear some doubts I presume the general public might have (because I did):


Ah, now we know.

Anyway, no PAP joke yet? Hmm, strange.

9. Nevermind.


That’s the good ol’ Internet I’m used to.

10. The Festive Joke


We can already predict what tweets will come our way if the NSEW Lines break down during Christmas.

11. The RTs Only Because Cute Kitty


Welcome to the 21st century, where cute kitties and puppies are the lifeblood of the Internet’s ecosystem.

12. The So Done With This Shit


Wow, she even went right up to MOE’s front door.

13. The Shameless Advertising

Shameless Xiaomi ad is shameless:

Our dear netizen here sums it up pretty well:


Also, this was for a built-in compass app. HA. HA.

14. The Novel Writer

Sub-heading: The So Good He Made It To Stomp:


And now now, we don’t want to overdose you with the Internet’s full-on retardedness, so here’s a post that will make you go awwwww:

15. The Peacemaker

What’s the Internet without a sprinkle of ‘RT IF THIS RESTORED YOUR FAITH IN HUMANITY’?

Don’t angry anymore kay guise?

Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew has said sorry.

SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek has said sorry.

Even workers who don’t have to say sorry have said it a 100 times to those who went full on rage mode last night.

Let’s all come together in a warm, group hug, sing hymns and meditate:


For we survived 7/7 together.

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