POSB Pop-Up ATMs Will Operate 24/7 Apart From 2

Nobody likes receiving wrinkled and stained notes in their Chinese New Year (CNY) ang baos.

But the search for mint condition notes can be painfully agonising during CNY, at times requiring hours spent lining up at the ATM.

Things this year however are going to be different.

Starting Tuesday (15 Jan), DBS/POSB customers will be able to draw new and “good-as-new” notes from 42 POSB pop-up ATMs islandwide, an significant increase from 36 last year.

24/7 pop-up ATM

First introduced in 2015, POSB pop-up ATMs have become a much-welcomed fixture during the annual CNY period.


For 2019, with POSB will be launching its largest-ever fleet of 42 pop-up ATMs. Of these ATMs, 20 will be conveniently located in community clubs.

Apart from 2 located at Chong Pang and Teck Ghee, all of the ATMs will be operational 24/7, so those working odd hours will not be left out.

POSB staff will also be stationed onsite to guide customers at various ATMs, so you don’t have to worry about being blur.

These are the sums and denominations available at the ATMs.

  • $100 ($2 x 50)
  • $300 ($10 x 30)
  • $500 ($50 x 10)
  • $600 ($10 x 20 + $50 x 8)

You can also check out the locations of all 42 ATMs here.

Reserve notes at full-service branches

In addition to the new pop-up ATMs, customers can also reserve and collect mint condition notes from POSB’s full-service branches


Customers can also select their preferred date and timing to collect their notes through this method.

Priority queues reserved for the elderly and those with special needs will also be available.

Visit DBS or POSB‘s website to reserve your notes.

Withdraw $$, get ang baos

Customers withdrawing new or “good-as-new” notes at all DBS/POSB branches and ATMs will receive two sets of red packets.

DBS’ mascots are featured against floral and woodgrain patterns in these orange and blue ang baos.


The other design features the adorable squirrel mascot synonymous with POSB — Smiley.


Neighbours first, bankers second.

Kudos for POSB for coming up with this brilliant initiative that has brought Singaporeans much convenience over the years.

Truly living up to their motto of “neighbours first, bankers second”.

Featured image from DBS.