Taiwanese Schoolgirls Invent Prawn Desheller As They Dislike Peeling Shellfish, Device Also Removes Innards

Taiwanese Primary School Students Invent Automatic Prawn Desheller

As schools increasingly expose children to technology, more brilliant inventions are created by young minds.

Three primary school students in Taiwan have invented a solution to the age-old problem of deshelling prawns, which can be a huge hassle to some.

Their 3D-printed automatic prawn desheller, which can also remove prawn innards, will allow people to bid farewell to desperately stabbing prawns with utensils to pry their shells apart.

Source: TVBS News on YouTube

It took the students seven failed attempts before finally creating a functional prototype.

Taiwanese students design automatic prawn desheller, made with 3D printer

Taiwanese news site TVBS News reported that three Taiwanese primary school students had developed an automated prawn-deshelling device for those “lazy to peel prawns”.

Although the user still has to remove the prawn’s head before feeding the prawn to the machine, the device does the rest of the work. It even removes the shellfish’s innards in the deshelling process.

The machine cleanly opens the prawn’s shell, allowing users to consume the flesh easily.

Source: TVBS News on YouTube

In an interview with TVBS News, one of the students shared that they designed the handy tool as they also did not enjoy peeling prawns.

However, they also considered how the device would also benefit children, the elderly and those with impairments who face difficulty in deshelling prawns.

Source: TVBS News on YouTube

Girls failed seven times before succeeding

The device is mainly made of multiple cogs. The cogs pull the prawn forward to deshell it, removing its innards in the process.

Although seemingly simple, the three girls were not successful from the start.

TVBS News reported that the girls did not give up despite failing four times when modelling the device, and another three times in 3D-printing their prototype.

Source: TVBS News on YouTube

The girls’ teacher shared that she assisted them in refining the project. However, the ideas and structure of the device were mainly the girls’ work.

Despite already being functional, the girls are still working towards perfecting the device for a competition.

Source: TVBS News on YouTube

Nevertheless, TVBS News shared that their achievement at such a tender age has amazed their parents, schoolmates and teachers.

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Featured image adapted from TVBS News on YouTube.

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