Primary 1 Registration For 2020 Cohort Starts From 3 July Till 31 Oct

Primary 1 Registration Will Start On 3 July

Parents of Singaporean kids born between 2 Jan 2013 and 1 Jan 2014 – inclusive of both dates – take note.

On Thursday (23 May), the Ministry of Education announced that Primary 1 registration for the 2020 cohort will start on 3 Jul and end on 31 Oct this year.


During this period, all primary schools will be open for the registration on weekdays during the following periods:

  • 8am-11pm
  • 2.30-4.30pm

Similar to previous years, there will be several phases to this registration exercise.

Phase 1 — for children with siblings in the same school

Phase 1, the earliest phase from 3 to 4 Jul, is reserved for children with an older sibling currently studying in the same school.

All children who register under this phase will be guaranteed a place in the school.

To register, parents only need to submit the registration form and relevant documents via their older child studying in the school.

Phase 2A & B — for children with affiliated links

Following Phase 1 are Phases 2A & 2B which run from 9-23 Jul.

Phase 2A is further broken down to 2A(1) and (2).

Generally, these phases are for children whose parents are alumni or members of the school committee, and children who were previously from affiliated MOE kindergartens located within the school compound.

Phase 2B, on the other hand, is for children whose parents are

  • School volunteers
  • Members of affiliated churches or clans,
  • Active community leaders.

Parents whose children are eligible for these phases can submit their registration forms and relevant documents directly to the school.

Phase 2C – for all other children not yet enrolled

Phases 2C and 2C Supplementary will come later from 29 Jul to 14 Aug.

All Singaporean and PR children yet to be enrolled in a primary school will come under these phases, and their parents can conveniently register online or directly with their school of choice.

For more information, do visit MOE’s website here.

May you get the school of your choice

The Primary 1 registration process can be confusing, especially if you’re a new parent.

So do your homework early and find out ASAP which phase your child is eligible for, to minimise potential panics nearer to the registration dates.

All the best in getting your child into the school of your choice.

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