23-Year-Old Allegedly Tampered & Left Electronic Tag In Grab Car, Gets Arrested For Absconding

Prison Tag In Grab Car Belonged To 23-Year-Old Man Released On Supervision

It’s not surprising to find loose change and used tissue papers every now and then in your car. A prison tag? Now that’s not something you’d see every day.

That was what a Grab driver found in his vehicle at the end of his shift on 19 Oct.

Grab Driver Finds Prison Tag Under Seat, Advises Others To Check Their Cars After Shift Ends

On Tuesday (27 Oct), slightly more than a week after the discovery, the police arrested the man whom the electronic tag belonged to.

Prison Services first alerted to tampered prison tag on 10 Oct

According to a police statement seen on AsiaOne, a 23-year-old man was arrested for tampering with his electronic prison tag and “absconding”.

The man in question was reportedly serving his Release on Supervision (ROS) period after his time at a Reformative Training Centre (RTC).

Singapore Prison Service (SPS) first caught wind of the tampering on 10 Oct, way before the tag was found in the Grab vehicle.

SPS officers then allegedly attempted to contact the man via several means, but to no avail.

In light of this, SPS filed a police report against the 23-year-old on the day.

Grab driver finds tag in car on 19 Oct

On 19 Oct, a Grab driver bizarrely found the electronic prison tag “hidden” under his driver seat and took to Facebook to share his finding.


Expectedly, the driver in question also returned the tag to the police.


The man behind the tampered tag was subsequently arrested on Tuesday (27 Oct) for tampering with his electronic tag and escaping, reports AsiaOne.

Though investigations on the tampered tag are still ongoing, the 23-year-old was charged on Thursday (29 Oct) for another offence of “harassment on behalf of an unlicensed moneylender”.

Kudos to police & SPS officers

Kudos to the police and SPS officers for successfully tracking down the man, even without the electronic tag.

We hope this serves as a lesson for all on ROS to not break their agreed-upon conditions.

As the famous saying goes, you can run, but you can’t hide, especially from our men in blue.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Ageless Online

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