Proofer Bakery Suspended After Pest Infestation Found Within Premises

Cockroaches and rodents are instant appetite killers and most would drop any food they have if it has ever come in contact with either of them.

That’s why when Proofer Bakery was found to be infested with pests, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) issued a suspension of its operations indefinitely.


The bakery will also have to recall their various food products that were distributed to their 16 outlets islandwide. The suspension will last until further notice.

Cockroaches & rodents found in Proofer Bakery premises

On Tuesday (26 Oct), the SFA issued a statement on the suspension of Proofer Bakery Pte. Ltd. as well as a recall of their food products.

According to the statement, SFA officers inspected the premises of Proofer Bakery and discovered various pest infestations. They observed live cockroaches, rodent activity and even a rodent carcass in the food preparation areas and delivery trucks.

We don’t envy the inspectors, let’s put it that way.

They also noticed several lapses relating to a lack of maintenance of the premises.

Proofer Bakery’s 16 outlets closed indefinitely & products recalled

To safeguard the public’s health and safety, the SFA has issued a recall of all food products in 16 of Proofer Bakery’s retail outlets.

The SFA has also directed Proofer Bakery to rectify their lapses and take the necessary measures to improve the food safety practices and the cleanliness of its premises.

The suspension will last indefinitely and a business resumption date has not been announced yet.

However, in a Facebook post shared by Proofer Bakery on Tuesday (26 Oct), they apologised for the sudden closure and promises to resume business “tomorrow” (27 Oct).


Food hygiene must be a high priority

Food safety and hygiene should be of paramount importance for all FNB operators. While you can continue operations if lapses are discovered and rectified, losing the trust of customers is an irreversible effect.

Additionally, a side effect could be an epidemic of food poisoning cases, which will not look fondly upon the brand.

Hopefully, the bakery brand can come back from this and improve their hygiene standards after their lapses.

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