Ramada Singapore at Zhongshan Park Visited 5 Times Since 12 Jul, Geylang Mini-mart Also On List

In an update by the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Saturday (25 Jul), 2 new locations were listed as being visited by Covid-19 cases when they were infectious.

These places are:

  1. Ramada Singapore at Zhongshan Park
  2. B&S Mini-mart

Hotel in Balestier visited 5 times by cases

Most strikingly, Ramada Singapore at Zhongshan Park, at 16 Ah Hood Road off Balestier Road, was visited by a Covid-19 case or cases a total of 5 times.


They were:

  1. From 12.50-6.20pm on 12 Jul
  2. From 12.45-4.45pm on 14 Jul
  3. From 6.50-8.50pm on 18 Jul
  4. From 7.45-9.05pm on 19 Jul
  5. From 5.20-8.05pm on 20 Jul

Recently opened for staycation

The Ramada Singapore at Zhongshan Park was recently one of the hotels allowed to take staycation guests by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).


This is since the STB announced on 3 Jul that it will take applications from hotels to allow staycation guests.

As of Sunday (26 Jul) morning, the hotel was still on STB’s list of approved hotels.

It wasn’t stated by MOH whether the 5 visits were made by the same Covid-19 case, or different cases.

Neither was it said whether the case or cases were guests or staff at the hotel. However, it’s worth noting that the none of them stayed overnight.

Mini-mart on Geylang Road also visited

Separately, a mini-mart on Geylang Road was also visited by a Covid-19 case.

The patient visited B&S Mini-mart on 310 Geylang Road from 12-1pm on 20 Jul.


Full list of locations

Here’s the full list of locations:




Visitors advised to monitor health

The National Environment Agency will guide the cleaning and disinfection of the affected premises.

MOH has advised those who visited these locations at the specific timings that the patient was there to monitor their health for 14 days.

That means they should see a doctor if they have symptoms like cough, sore throat and runny nose, as well as fever and loss of taste or smell, and tell the doctor that they have been at these locations.

However, there is no need to avoid these locations, as close contacts have already been informed by MOH.

Please stay safe and follow safe distancing rules when you’re out and about.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.